Weekend Things

I’m embarrassed to tell you:

I spent every night of this weekend at home and liked it.

How devastated I was when we went out to Saturday breakfast and they were out of the dish I had fantasizing about for three days.

The level of excitement I had for my massage (but mostly to see my mom) on Saturday afternoon.

That I saw Beauty and the Beast again.  I know, I know, but I wanted Joey to see it and I wasn’t about to send him on his own.  (Plus you pick up on so many things you missed the first time around, i.e. “Who can make up these endless refrains like Gaston?”)

I tried really hard to put off working out all weekend.  

We started re-watching GIRLS, which makes the third time I’ve seen the first two seasons.  But, ya know, I wanted to binge-watch it before we watch the final season.

“It’s pretty hard to mess up granola,” were the words I said before semi-burning the batch I had in the oven.

I took very few pictures this weekend.

Sunday salmon happened… again.


Not embarrassed to tell you that I thought this weekend was perfectly laid back and delightfully uneventful.  How was yours?