Salad-in-a-Jar: A Year Later

Breaking News: In addition to graduating college, my sister also recently got a new job and leased her first apartment!  Talk about some major life changes, huh?  My mom mentioned she was worried about not having money now that she has to pay rent and my mom told her “soon you’ll have to bring salad-in-a-jar to work for lunch!”  Um rude, Mom.  Because, here we are over a year later still rocking that salad-in-a-jar habit and I kinda LOVE it.

In case you, like my mom, think this is a sad times lunch that’s holding you back from what you really wanna do (ahem, eat tacos with guac at Chipotle every day), then I’m here to tell you that’s so not the case and if you’re into this salad-in-a-jar thing with me, here’s 5 more we’ve added to our arsenal since that post I wrote a year ago.  (But totally check out that original post for salad-in-a-jar tips!)

Superfood Salad // A very new addition but it’s a winner because it has what a salad needs to succeed… LOTS of stuff!  The more mix-ins, the better!  Make this in spring/summer when avocados are their creamiest selves… and also their cheapest selves.


Greek Farro and Chickpea Salad // Fact: I adore a Greek salad.  It’s probably a combo of all the different textures and the salty feta that ropes me in every time.  You can really use any grain for this one.  We usually do barley because of that one time I accidentally bought two bags of the stuff and we’ll be eating it for the rest of forever.  

California Caprese Bowl // I wait all winter for this one that just tastes so much better in the summer when tomatoes are actually in season.  I once made it with thick-cut bacon and honestly preferred the regular stuff.   


Spinach Salad with Roasted Vegetables and Apricot // The contrast of savory roasted veggies and sweet dried apricots is killer (in a good way!) plus this is one of my very favorite salad dressings.  

Fall Harvest Chopped Salad // I’ve mentioned this one before because the dressing is incredible but the roasted butternut (or sub something more in season), goat cheese, apple, dried cranberry combo is not to be overlooked.  


In other news: I went on my first pre-work outdoor run this morning and it made me INSANELY happy.  That, plus hammock napping, garden inspecting, iced coffee sipping, Memorial Day planning and actual summer time temps means I’m on track to becoming my happiest self.  Howboutyou?

5 thoughts on “Salad-in-a-Jar: A Year Later

  1. I am completely pro salad for lunch (especially when you make it like you and I do–full of color, flavor, and good nutrients)…but I can’t do the in-a-jar part! I tried last year after your post but they just won’t fit in a jar. I swear I’m not overeating, but by the time I get all the toppings in the jar, lettuce has to go elsewhere…or vice versa. Suddenly I feel like I’m writing in to an advice columnist. Oh please, help me figure out what to do! Sincerely, Jar-less in Cincinnati

    • Dear Jar-less, what size jar are you using? Because if it’s pint-sized, no wonder you don’t have room. We used the quart-size! I really hope the solution is as simple as that 🙂

      • Dear Salad Role Model, THAT solves it! For some reason I could’ve sworn you described making these in pint sized jars before and so I tried and was left wondering how you ever had enough to eat. NOW I get it! Will invest in some proper sized jars soon. Thank you! -(Soon to be) No longer Jar-less

      • HAHAHA I just assumed I mis-remembered! But I’m glad I could help and we can both move forward and prosper with Salad-in-a-Jar. Happy weekend, girl!

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