Weekend Things

It’s May! Can you believe it? We’ve already had such a wet spring but I’m telling myself sunny skies are just around the corner and that this hopefully means we will not have a bunch of wildfires like we did last summer. It also means we are just launching right into our busy time of the year — we already have Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday plans! — and after a year of never really being busy it feels simultaneously exciting and stressful. Here we go! This weekend was a blast though, so that’s hopefully a sign we can manage these more eventful times with a baby on board.

First, just a small blurb on baby feeding, which started last Monday! We were totally set on the baby-led weaning approach and then my pediatrician was really pushing the more traditional purée method and it made me second guess myself, so now we are doing a hybrid? I don’t really know if that’s a thing, but we’re making it one! We’ve been giving him both a pre-loaded spoon of puree to feed himself with — his aim could still use a bit of work, as evidenced by that third picture 😂 — and a little slice of that same food. He did okay with the sweet potato but avocado and carrot were a big hit! Also, please file this under “thingd I said I’d never do before I had a baby” because I’ve always found messy food photos so gross and yet, here we are…

Such a feel good Friday. Warm weather and sunny skies finally! We couldn’t help but take ourselves out to a brewery. Dempsey was being the absolute cutest posing for all my pictures and only sort of wanted Dad’s beer 😂 Also, we’d never been to Zuni Street Brewing, but it’s huge! An indoor area plus both a back and a front patio! We also grabbed food from the J Street food truck, which all happened to be Cajun-themed. I try to steer clear of any po boys when I’m not in New Orleans for fear of being disappointed and though those wings were kind of dry, everything else was really really good!

Saturday we woke up and Joey went to grab us iced coffee because ICED COFFEE SEASON! We had leftover ricotta, so ricotta pancakes were a given and then we all headed to Sloan’s Lake for our annual Cystic Fibrosis walk. The actual event was virtual again this year, but our team still got together to walk and man, was it nice weather and even bordering on hot toward the end! We started last and finished first, ha! Also, gotta say, Dempsey looks good in red! He stayed awake in his stroller for the entire 3-mile walk and was being a happy smiley boy. Crashed when we got home though! We had planned to work in the garden that day but then it actually felt too hot to be out in the sun, so we had a relaxed rest of the day and messy (we blame old tortillas!) but delicious burritos for dinner, then after Dempsey went to bed, we started Jackie Brown, which neither of us had ever seen!!! I think Joey said something to the tune of “it’s long but it’s early, so why not” and then we definitely did not make it all the way through because we’re just forever tired by 9 PM.

Just a few Sunday pics! We considered going to Stowaway for breakfast but since they don’t open till 8, it always means we are pushing Dempsey’s first nap time and I always feel bad about it, so we passed and picked up sandwiches from the Wooden Spoon and ate al fresco!!!! Love that ❤ We spent the rest of the day playing, deciding to watch the Derby last minute (I was rooting for Soup and a Sandwich, of course) and Steve and Lorna stopped by for a visit (they even put Dempsey down for his last nap!). The whole family had carrots for dinner and Dempsey seemed very into it! Oh and earlier in the day, we finished Jackie Brown and guys, I love that one! Why didn’t anyone tell me how good it was?? I found some parallels to Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, in the soundtrack, in someone saying “and away we go” and in it being about a character of a certain age wondering where their life/career is going. I genuinely laughed out loud when Melanie said “he moves his lips when he reads, what does that tell you?” about Samuel L. Jackson’s character 😂 Please tell me how your weekend was!

Oscar Weekend Things

Good morning and what the hell happened at the end of those Oscars??? It had already been a mix of wonderful moments and strange production choices when Rita Moreno came out to announce… BEST PICTURE?? With twenty minutes left in the broadcast?? We could have ended with Chloé Zhao’s speech and Frances McDormand howling, but instead we ended with an Anthony Hopkins headshot and welp, good night! I do not understand. Anyway, this weekend started out very rocky with Joey basically down for the count post-second dose but then Earl Gray waffles, great grandparent time for Dempsey, a super fun Rockies game and “Da Butt,” so I can’t complain about it all 🙂

Joey and I both got our second dose of the COVID vaccine on Thursday and by that night my arm was SORE. I could barely lift it! By the next morning, it actually felt a lot better and I just had a slight headache but was otherwise fine. Joey, on the other hand, was a-struggling! He got in bed around noon and pretty much stayed there the rest of the day. I can’t say I got a ton of work done, but Dempsey and I played and went for a long walk. It was the best! When Joey had risen from the grave, we had dinner, put Dempsey to bed and started the very last shorts program, the docs, so we could feel thoroughly depressed before bed. A children’s hunger ward in Yemen was particularly bleak. Why do we subject ourselves to these??

Good morning, my sweet baby! After we all woke up, I took care of Demps while Joey made us Earl Gray waffles with honey whipped cream and YUM! I didn’t think we had enough heavy cream to whip up so I was prepared to go without but Joey went for it and holy moly was it good. That pinch of salt made it, I think! Also, Joey tore up Andi’s piece because he hates when I give it to him whole and he wolfs it down too fast, oops!

We took an afternoon trip to see Joey’s grandparents, who are back from Arizona and Dempsey was being sort of fussy but he cheered up by the end of our visit and was giving some good smiles 🙂 He CRASHED as soon as we got back in the car!

We ate dinner al fresco, then showed Dempsey the tiny blossoms on our tree and… he put them in his mouth! Ha ha! After he went to bed, we finished up the doc shorts and made it through all of Time, which was one of the nominated documentary features. A sixty year sentence for a non-violent crime is just ridiculous, guys, and I can’t believe I even have to say that.

Sunday started with bagel sandwiches from a nearby café and ICED COFFEE from Metropolis because it’s by far the best and YUM! I thought those sandwiches were very good! That little babes was on the short end of a long nap and when he woke up, we went on a family walk (warm weather is the very best!) and when his second nap ended way too early, I held him so he could be a little more rested before our afternoon Rockies game. We had shade seats, it was a Rockies blowout and Dempsey was in a great great mood!!! The very best 💜💜 The woman sitting behind us kept saying she was going to eat him and it was getting annoying but then she got distracted yelling at Bryce Harper and finally left us alone, thank god! We left after the 7th inning stretch because someone was tired but we had so much fun!

Dempsey took a nap as soon as we got home and when he woke back up, we made blackened salmon for dinner and helped him fill out his Oscars ballot. He went with some strange picks but I wished him the very best of luck! As for the show, my favorite moments were Yuh-Jung Youn’s speech (Brad, social distancing be damned, help that woman off the stage!!!), Daniel Kaluuya “mentioning” his parents (or more like his mom’s reaction to him “mentioning” them 😂), Bong Joon-ho announcing Chloé Zhao as Best Director and, of course, Glenn Close being a comedian. But there were some really strange decisions made during this show. Why were they awkwardly showing the nominees instead of clips of the films or the makeup/hairstyling or the production design?? A lot of people haven’t seen all of these movies, so show them what they’re missing! And, of course, the decision to do Best Picture before Best Actress and Actor is just baffling to me. We figured they wanted to end with Chadwick Boseman since he has basically swept the rest of the award shows but do the producers not know who’s going to win beforehand?? If not, what a terrible gamble! That being said, Anthony Hopkins is so good in The Father. Till next year, Oscars!