Weekend Things

I have to start with some sad news, and it’s that our dog really really hurt himself last week. He sprinted out the back door after a squirrel and jumped from our back steps then immediately started yelping like crazy and couldn’t use his back legs. Joey went to, not one, but two, emergency veterinary clinics and was basically out all night with Andi and they believe it is a herniated disc. It’s the type of injury they recommend surgery for, though it’s expensive and he’s 10, plus there’s no guarantee he wouldn’t suffer that same injury again in the future. We have ruled the surgery out, so now we let him rest and hope he can heal up on his own in 6-8 weeks. Oy! Very very sad to see him unable to use his back legs 😦 In other news, we had lots of family time this weekend and even snuck in a movie, so there was definitely some good mixed in there too!

I love that little yogurt face the most! After his morning nap, Lori came and picked him up so we would have two less people in the house while our housecleaners were here. Yes, we have finally made it in life and hired a housecleaning service! When you only have two days a week off of work and a fun happy baby, it is so hard to find time to clean your house and it felt like this looming stressor in the back of our minds all weekend, so I’m thinking this will be a life-changer. Joey had Andi all set up in the little wagon which was very cute despite being sad. Later on, I made some Mexican creamed corn and then we picked up Dempsey and headed to Joey’s aunt and uncle’s for a BBQ because Tyler and Brianna were in town. I stole those pictures of them holding Dempsey because they were too cute πŸ™‚

Dempsey’s first waffle! It’s been so so fun to all eat (basically) the same thing for breakfast these days. When I make pancakes/waffles/French toast, I usually just make his first sans sugar, then mix in it for our version. He was clearly into it πŸ˜‚ We had to wake that poor baby up from his morning nap, because we were headed into Loveland for a family reunion! We got Dempsey’s name from Joey’s grandma’s side of the family, so we wanted to be able to bring him to meet all the family who knew the original Dempsey ❀ He was such a good little boy and was eating everything we put in front of him for lunch. Grabbed a photo of Demps, Dave and Nee before heading out and though we thought he would fall asleep in the car on the way home, he did not. We made some chicken cutlets for dinner, then put Dempsey to bed and watched the Olympics. I maybe fell asleep on the couch πŸ˜‚

That wild hair is also my favorite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ I went on a morning run while Joey and Dempsey picked up breakfast at Onefold and then we all ate together. After his nap, we picked up my sis and Wayne and took Demps over to Grandma Lori’s so the four of us could see The Green Knight. I was sort of confused about the meaning of a lot of what happened in the movie but what a feast for the eyes!!! There was a scene of Dev swimming in a lake that was particularly mesmerizing. Definitely still thinking it over though. We picked Demps up later, once he’d woken up from his nap, then basically headed right back out to dinner at Cart-Driver with Steve, Lorna and Adam. It’s wasn’t too busy because it was early and it was a Sunday and that felt so nice! Demps was chowing down on peaches and cornbread and even had a few small bites of pizza ❀ Afterward, we obviously had to walk down the street to Little Man. I think that was the longest line I’ve ever stood in there but oh well. Grandpa Steve maybe gave Dempsey more ice cream than I would’ve but that’s what grandpas are for, right? πŸ˜‹

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Weekend Things

It’s Olympics time, baby! Meaning, my brain is a blur of swimming races, skateboarding tricks, Simone Biles routines and… the flagbearer from Tonga. HE’S BACK! And beside all of that, my phone is just a blur of Dempsey photos, so I hope you are ready to see them!

Would you look at that silly little boy?? He is very into eating my hair right now πŸ˜‚ Lori came over to help us out while we worked on Friday. She left after putting Dempsey in his crib for his last nap, then Joey and I watched him roll around in there for AN HOUR before calling it quits. We distracted him by going to Chook for dinner and feeding him pieces of beet, smashed blueberry, chicken, mashed potato and Hawaiian roll. He was very into all of it! Managed to make it to normal bedtime, but I bet he was sooooo tired by then. We watched the Opening Ceremony afterward and though the broadcasters were calling it “modest,” I actually thought it was pretty cool! That drone globe was awesome and I love love loved that Pictrogram segment!

Made us ALL French Toast for breakfast on Saturday and Demps was very into it! It was the cutest. We had nothing to do that day, thank goodness! That little boy took a super short morning nap, so we loaded him up in the stroller afterward and he looked so out of it but we still had a nice walk. I snuck out to get a pedicure afterward and went to a new place instead of Base Coat. I really liked it and they were super fast. I hit Target afterward and while I was out, Joey sent me a Dempsey lunch update πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ We had leftover burgers in the backyard for dinner and then after Dempsey went to bed, we watched some Olympics. Stayed up too late watching the end of the men’s skateboarding competition. I cannot believe some of those falls they take. Ouch!

A great great Sunday! Woke up and went on a run, then came home and made Joey and I that same egg breakfast from two weeks ago. I am obsessed! Demps was enjoying French Toast Round 2. While he was napping, we went over our August schedule (two first birthday parties, one baby shower and one wedding and they all ended up on different days!) and I, for one, am excited to not be hosting anything. We scrambled to get a few chores done and then my sis and Wayne come over to watch Demps so we could go see a movie! I actually really liked Black Widow. Florence Pugh is just so good in everything, isn’t she?? Later on, we met my family at Acreage for my mom’s birthday dinner and it was so damn windy!!! I think we were all covered in/eating dirt but no matter, because the cider was great, the asparagus was to Dempsey’s liking and Grandma and Grandpa got to give their grandson a bunch of toys ❀

Please tell me how your weekend was and if you love the Olympics as much as I do??