A Wedding Weekend in Florida

My right shoulder may be sunburnt, I may have clusters of teensy bug bites on my legs, it may have been legitimately snowing when we got off the plane in Denver on Monday, but none of that matters because we just spent the most fun weekend in Treasure Island, Florida and my heart feels so full after witnessing and celebrating the marriage of our friends Grant and Kelsey while we were there!

It is incredible to me how many memories can be made it such a short span of time, but WOW did we make some good memories in that short trip.  So here I am, two days later, still thinking and laughing and feeling so so happy about them.  There’s a lot of bad stuff happening in this world of ours but seeing friends and family from all over the country come together to celebrate LOVE was the very best reminder of all the GOOD in this world.

Plus I ate tacos for like five meals, danced to Robyn more than once, had brunch with my freshman year roommate and put my feet in the ocean, so I’m feeling very grateful for all that happened this weekend.


Just perfect ♥♥♥

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