Weekend Things & Things I Need More of in 2018

More cocktails.  More trips to new restaurants.  More sister time.  More joy in cooking at home.   More reading.  More Sunday matinees.  More pizza.  More chill.

Trail mix and some very good cocktails at The Family Jones which has that familiar Edible Beats feel in the best way possible // Pasta with Mushrooms, Crispy Sage & Garlic Bread Crumbs from The Savvy Cook that we will definitely be making again // Get Out was NOT what I thought it would be but in a good way.

Call is a new mini cafe/grab-and-go/restaurant in RiNo and I’d been lusting over pictures all week, so we headed there first thing Saturday morning // The details are an Instagram dream // Sourdough English Muffin and baby’s first cortado ‘tado // Drake playing inside that can!

Back at home with a new candle and a new book // Later, gym and grocery then sister manis! // Cooked steak and our very favorite potatoes // The King and I was INCREDIBLE — maybe went home and tried to re-enact the “Shall We Dance” scene before realizing our house is too small for that.

Sunday pancake leftovers + catching up on Top Chef (they’re in Denver this season so I had to watch!) // Saw I, Tonya and loved it, then had lunch pizza at Denver Central Market // Drunk Oscars! — “Oprah for President!” is less of a joke and more of a deadly serious plea.

A Note on the Golden Globes: How inspiring was it to hear all those female forward speeches?  Also loved James Franco winning and bringing his “Franco brother” up on stage with him 🙂  Frances McDormand was great and I’m so glad Lady Bird got some love, despite the snub for Greta Gerwig as director.  I just love movie award season so much ♥

For the sake of authenticity, I wanna disclose that I’ve been feeling incredibly indecisive lately.  Do I want to go see a movie or stay in and rent one?  Do I want to eat breakfast at home or go out?  Do I want to go to the gym or a yoga class?  And for some reason, these decisions feel like they will make or break my week/weekend/life.  My brain is like “CHILL!”  But my anxiety says “OBSESS!”  So if you need me, I’ll be over here working on that.

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