Supper Club at Stowaway

Last night, Joey and I checked out Stowaway‘s newly-launched supper club.  If you’re a frequent visitor to this space, you know how much I love their breakfast, so I was BEYOND excited to try their dinner service.  We were able to walk in and get a table right away, then enjoy dinner in a space that didn’t feel crowded or like you had to yell to each other.

Their menu is small, but so carefully curated, like someone already weeded out the items you didn’t want and left you with only the best options.  So yes, there’s only one beer on draft but it’s a good one and you won’t be disappointed.  Joey certainly wasn’t.  I went for one of their cocktails, which arrived in a quaint little glass, garnished with mint and boldly fragrant.  I could smell the anise with the glass halfway to my mouth.  Guys, I know licorice is a polarizing flavor, but I LOVED this drink.


All night happy hour on Thursdays means drinks and small plates are $2 off, so we ordered two — the smoked fried potatoes and the Moroccan carrot salad — then proceeded to demolish both.  Joey truly loves potatoes but I need some coaxing, like if they’re subtly smoky and dipped in chivy yogurt or a hearty romesco.  Both “dips” were so good, but combining them was our favorite.  The Moroccan salad was such a delight because, well haloumi (aka “squeaky cheese”) is just the best but also because all the other components tasted so good together.  Obviously the cheese was my favorite part but let’s hear it for those marinated chickpeas, golden raisins and fava beans too.


For our entree, we split the lamb kofta and I was blown away by the presentation even before Joey turned the plate and I saw that gloriously pink beet hummus.  I’d never had lamb kofta before and I’m kind of meh about ground meats sometimes, but one bite in I was saying something like “this is the best lamb dish I’ve ever eaten!”  Lamb just takes spice so well and Stowaway seasoned this perfectly.  Also, I would be happy to just eat a plate of that house made flat bread.

Um I was already beyond full when Joey ordered the baklava ice cream and I claimed I’d “just have a bite” but then 10 minutes later I had fully eaten half of it.  Apparently pieces of phyllo dough behave perfectly in ice cream.  It tasted straight doughy, in the best possible way.  In conclusion, this restaurant can do no wrong and it is now, even more so, my favorite place in Denver ♥

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