Weekend Things

WHAT 👏🏻 A 👏🏻 WEEKEND 👏🏻! It started with Opening Day (which I must confess I was really anxious about) then continued on to our first dose of the vaccine, then Joey’s birthday, then Easter and one more Rockies game. Plus perfect weather, so it really was just the best!

On Wednesday, we took Dempsey to his first real outing — a retirement party for one of our employees. He napped so badly beforehand, was overtired at the office (but looked into our sliders!) and was NOT happy when I got him home. He fought his second two naps so hard and it was the saddest. I was already worried about him being awake too long at the Rockies game and Wednesday did not help reassure me. But! He did SO GOOD at the game! Helped so much that my mom was over in the morning and held him for a good long nap and then he got to see the Opening Day ceremony, took a brief nap (I was truly shocked) and then we all left at the top of the fifth, after which he went home and slept for two hours. Literally could not have gone better! Also, it was just so nice to be at a baseball game again 🙂

We both got our first vaccines on Friday. HALLELUJAH!!!!! It was a drive through event and it went very smoothly (except when the lady who administered my shot told me, “RELAX” and I didn’t know I wasn’t relaxed!). I suddenly felt very emotional while driving home. We are so close to having our normal lives back, I hope! Hannah texted me saying “Mark the weekend of May 7th on your calendar for a hang out” and guys, I cannot wait to hug my best friends!!!! We worked the rest of the day, then gave Dempsey a bath, a mohawk and a first feel of grass, ha! He was not impressed. Then we ordered Blue Pan and we were impressed, as always! I made Joey watch Top Chef before we started a movie, then fell asleep halfway through the movie. D’oh! I did wake up for the last scene of Another Round and I had no idea Mads Mikkelsen was a dancer, but I was DELIGHED by that final scene! Both of our arms were pretty sore that night and Joey had a slight headache, otherwise, no major reactions to the vaccine. Phew!

Happy Birthday, Joey!!! I woke up that morning and checked the monitor in Dempsey’s room and that’s what I saw! We considered going out but it was early, so Joey and Dempsey went and picked up coffee and I made us pancakes with lots of strawberries that I may or may not have tossed in sugar, because strawberries aren’t quite there yet. Dempsey got Joey a Rockies hat just like his 🙂 We went for a long morning walk around the lake and then the nap schedule worked out so that we could take Dempsey to his first brewery! First time at De Steeg and we thought their beer was really really good! Steve and Lorna were able to meet us there to give Dempsey some Easter gifts and Joey a birthday present. Afterward, Lori and Adam came over with Los Arcos and though we tried to put Demps down for one last nap, he wasn’t having it, so we all walked to get ice cream and then I put that little baby to sleep and we all sat outside by the fire and chatted for a bit. I know it wasn’t my birthday, so I shouldn’t be the one to say this, but to me, it was a perfect day!

Happy Easter! My mom was trying to remember what we did last year and I reminded her that we were on lockdown and none of us did anything. I think we made some soup, ha! This year was much more fun. We hosted brunch and Dempsey was totally spoiled by Easter basket goodies! Breakfast all turned out great too. I had imagined spending a holiday with a little baby at the table for so long and we finally got to! Ugh, I couldn’t have been any happier. My parents put him down for a nap and then we all sat outside and hung out. Warm weather has me feeling so euphoric! One of our employees backed out of Rockies tickets so we made a really last minute decision to go and luckily, Lori was able to join us! We lasted from the second inning to the seventh inning stretch, but Dempsey was maybe overtired when we got back and it was hard to get him to sleep. Oh well! He got to stay up and watch the very beginning of the SAG Awards and then we finished them after he went to bed. Predictable but also not?? I love that win for Youn Yuh-jung!

All in all, just such a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL weekend!