MDW 2021

If you guys know me at all, you know I love love love Memorial Day Weekend, but I’ll be honest this one was a total mixed bag. I usually consider it the kickoff to summer but we had such un-summer-like weather, so I think that definitely contributed to my funk. Plus we just did too many adult chores that took up too much time when we should’ve been relaxing. Going to do my best to let go of those less fun moments and remember Dempsey was in a GREAT mood and none the wiser about anything that didn’t go as planned 🙂

Friday and the happiest baby out for a walk to the coffee shop! Usually Dempsey is very bored and stone-faced in his stroller but man oh man, was he just having the best time in there that morning. Smiling and babbling away. It was the best! Also the best was when Joey made me an egg sandwich for breakfast when we got back 🥰 We worked until 4ish, then called it quits to start our MDW! Black bean plantain bowls for us and baby’s first tofu for Demps! He hasn’t had any reaction to any of the allergens we’ve given him and I’m soooo thankful! He chowed down on those little tofu strips too! After we put him to bed, we threw on the much-anticipated Rebecca and wow, I was pretty blown away!!! I did think of Maxim de Winter as a bit older and I thought it was weird that they left out the part where he was basically a shell of himself from all the trauma he’d suffered by the end but I thought everything else was SPOT ON and just so perfectly creepy.

Just when I thought Dempsey couldn’t be any better of a sleeper, he’s started sleeping in till 7 AM (well sometimes at least)! Which means he’s awake through breakfast and it’s very fun having him with us while we do our usual Saturday morning thing. Can’t wait till he can eat a waffle with us though! These were peanut butter banana, aka Elvis Waffles and they were very very good. I had a noontime manicure and props to my manicurist for being gentle on that finger I cut last weekend 😬 Back at home, Joey was cleaning the house for us and I quick made some BBQ sauce and a potato salad and it all felt slightly scrambled because we had early movie plans but we got it all done, phew!

My sis and Wayne came over to babysit so we could go see A Quiet Place Part 2 and have dinner at Fish N Beer. Joey made them a bath tutorial and Dempsey’s face in that picture is legitimately so funny. They fed him a bottle AND solids AND bathed him AND put him to bed and I’m so glad they exist!!! As for the movie, we liked it! I will say I’m much more into the family/emotional connections and less into monster suspense moments and oh my gosh, the part where Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy are whispering to each other was so hard to hear! That beginning action sequence looked so good though! Fish N Beer was amazing! I was painfully full afterward but it was worth it. When we got back home, we got to chat with my sis and Wayne and see all their Dempsey bath photos and it made me the happiest ❤

Sunday and THE RAIN. Guys, the rain. I love green grass and thriving plants as much as anyone but I do not live in Seattle for a reason, okay? Enough is enough. We knew the forecast for Sunday looked bad and yet AND YET, we choose to try to do the Bolder Boulder anyway. My mom was stressing out about it all week and we basically blew her off thinking it might mist or maybe it would drizzle for a few minutes but no, it was a full on downpour. Mom, you were right!!!! It’s crazy that we just managed to choose the exact worst part of the weekend to do an outdoor 10K. You couldn’t plan it that way if you tried! The race was already weird because they split it into a handful of locations and then you could pick any day that weekend at almost any time and it was so NOT like the real Bolder Boulder even if it hadn’t been raining. We were all immediately soaked and when Dempsey started crying like he was in pain, I made us all (well, except for Lori who totally stuck it out for the entire course!) call it quits. I guess it’s a Bolder Boulder we’ll never forget (though I’d maybe like to 😂)!

Back at home, we all changed out of our wet clothes and then both Dempsey and I took a nap before everyone came over for our traditional post-BB BBQ. An indoor version this year! We made honey-chipotle chicken thighs and fingerling potato salad and then everyone else brought sides and Mom brought a red velvet cake that she would not stop knocking because she made so many mistakes baking it but then it tasted literally perfect, so Mom, you were right about the rain but you were so very wrong about the cake! I think this was the easiest most stress-free BBQ we’ve ever thrown too! Demps took a ride around the living room in his Benz and I think he is smiling at my dad’s foot in that second shot 😂 Have I mentioned that I love him very much?? Everyone left around 5:30 and after Dempsey was down for the night, we queued up Bo Burnham’s new comedy special, Inside. It was hilarious but also real/depressing/relatable? Also just very very cool and interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at someone’s creative process. We dug it!

Sunday started with breakfast burritos for two and Joey and I looking over our June calendar. I’m never super ready for summer busyness but I’m extra unready after spending a year in quarantine, doing nothing and having to be nowhere. This homebody is extra resistant to having to leave the house and socialize, but let this be a reminder/oath to at least try to put myself out there without too much groaning. It’ll be good for us all! Dempsey got to eat his very first strawberry and his strawberry-loving mama’s heart was so happy seeing him gnaw that little piece! When I see him eat his first peach, I shall simply die of happiness. Joey’s dad was having people over for an impromptu gathering but the timing just didn’t work out nap-wise and we had plans to make red beans (actually on a Monday!), anyway. Why is it we had the entire day off but still didn’t start dinner till later than desired?? Oh well! We dished ourselves up bowls post-baby bedtime and they were literally perfect. Plus, the rice cooker is a game changer! Oh and we’re just about done with the third season of Master of None. It is soooo different from seasons past but good nonetheless and I’m interested to see how it wraps up.

Okay, that’s enough from me 🙂 Please tell me how your MDW was!