Weekend Things

Literally have no idea how it is late November already?? Thanksgiving is somehow this week! Feels like we were JUST celebrating Jory and Betsy’s wedding at the very beginning of the month and I KNOW we were only in single digit days when we arrived in New Orleans but here we are almost at the end of the month. I’m stunned! Need to get my head in the game for the holidays. Here’s what we were up to this weekend πŸ™‚

I was downstairs cooking us dinner on Friday and I could hear Dempsey having a full on meltdown upstairs and had to text Joey to please stop torturing our son. Turns out he was only having him try on his swimming attire for our upcoming trip to Glenwood Springs and he was NOT into it. Earlier in the day, he made that turkey craft with Grandma Lori and I love it so much! We had tofu tikka masala for dinner and we were ALL big fans! After Dempsey’s bedtime, Joey and I watched GBBO and we were shocked by that ending!!!

Ever since the time change I’ve been battling insomnia, ugh! My eye usually starts twitching this time of year too, but luckily it’s barely noticeable this go around. Still, I was awake for a few hours in the night, so I was extra glad when Joey volunteered to get up with Dempsey so I could catch some extra sleep. They made us all cornbread waffles that I thought were so good! Later on, Dempsey and I went to the library to swap out books and then we couldn’t resist stopping at the park for a few minutes ❀ While he was down for his afternoon nap, I unboxed our new Thanksgiving dishes and I can’t wait to use them on Thursday!

We headed to Steve and Lorna’s for an early Thanksgiving celebration that night and it was so nice getting together with everyone! Dempsey was having a great time too. Joey has taught him to “shake hands” instead of fist bumping or high-fiving and man is it the cutest! He also had a good time rocking in this little chair. We got home later than his usual bedtime, but he conked right out! We tried to watch some of SNL, but someone was conked out themselves and it wasn’t me πŸ˜‚

We had a pretty low-key Sunday. We didn’t really feel like ordering in for breakfast, so we just cooked oatmeal for ourselves and leftover waffle for Dempsey. Around 10:30, we headed out with my sis and Wayne to see King Richard. I didn’t realize until later that the picture I took of the poster was blurry but felt like an accurate representation of my eyes during the movie, because, guys! When I tell you that was the hardest I’ve ever tried not to cry through an entire movie, I MEAN it. Mostly because I felt like it wasn’t going to be calm quiet tears, it was going to be full on sobbing. Felt like there was a lot more story than even a two and a half hour movie could tell, but Richard Williams sure is an interesting man and Venus and Serena… I’m just amazed by them!

We had leftovers for dinner and put Demps to bed then… the AMAs and pumpkin shortcakes! Bliss! BTS owned the AMAs — two performances and three awards, including Artist of the Year!!! — and I was my happiest self seeing them perform live for the first time in two years. They looked so happy! Love that for them. And that shortcake was pretty good too 😊 Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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