Weekend Things

We are still struggling with sleep, but one out of every four nights is good and we got one of those on Friday! This weekend also included a fun dinner out on Friday, my first massage in so so long, Saturday afternoon at the park, a home-cooked dinner, three movies (of differing quality) and now we bid farewell to January.

I think our new Friday schedule involves Joey and I working from home and Dempsey being out of the house. Feels weird being there without him! We picked him up from Lori’s at 4:30, made a quick stop at Target, then wrangled Dempsey back into his carseat to literally drive across the street to Edgewater Public Market and by the time we got there, he was covered in big crocodile tears 😢 We all ordered food from different counters, then found a table in the brewery and that boy could not eat fast enough. I think he was sad because he was hungry!!! He perked right up after that and we had a fun night. We let him wander the halls for a bit after dinner and it was very cute, even if he did mostly just want to touch all the shop windows 😂 We put him to bed and fired up Being the Ricardos, but we didn’t finish it till Saturday night, so more on that later.

Celebrated our full night’s sleep with blueberry ricotta pancakes that Dempsey was NOT into. More for me! 😂 A bit later, I headed out for a massage. I left a little bit early so I could see some of the areas that were destroyed by the fire in Louisville and it was insane and very sad. There were areas that seemed just fine and then BAM, a fully leveled neighborhood. Hard to believe still. It was so nice seeing my mom and getting that massage. My back has been killing me. Wonder if it has something to do with carrying a toddler around 😋 Back at home, lunch for everyone, a trip to the park and Mom-as-a-jungle-gym. If you’re wondering, we have totally backed out of the one-nap transition. He was not sleeping long enough and with how much he’s been waking up at night, I think he needs those two naps still. Oh well, no reason to push him, if he’s not ready.

We made palak paneer (sub tofu for paneer) for dinner and everyone was a big fan! Seems we make something saucy with rice and naan about once a week these days. After Dempsey went to bed, we watched the rest of our movie and can someone please tell me why we keep having to make these mediocre bio-pics? Is it because name recognition gets people to watch?? I don’t know, but I don’t need any more. I thought this was okay. Mostly the way it was formatted was just so unnecessarily convoluted and I thought Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem were wildy miscast. Was Lucille Ball really that unfunny in real life?? That sort of depressed me. We watched a bit of SNL before bed and that “Now I’m Up” skit was too real 😂

Sunday morning we all woke up feeling sort of out of it. I had a bagel, Joey had an egg sandwich and Dempsey had scrambled eggs and then we managed to make salads for the week before putting that little boy down for his nap, letting Steve and Lorna in and heading out for a movie. I have eaten far too many lunches at the Alamo Drafthouse lately, but hey, their food is actually pretty good for a movie theater! We saw Drive My Car and though it was three hours long, it is so smoothly-paced, so well-acted and so interestingly complex and beautiful that it never feels long. We both really liked it!

Back at home, Dempsey would not go down for nap #2, so we tried to have some rest time with a snack and the end of Encanto — only took us a full week to watch it 😂 — and maybe it was because we watched it in so many small chunks but felt like it didn’t really have a plot. Sure looked pretty though! Leftovers for dinner then Dempsey bedtime and a couple episodes of The Mandalorian for Joey and I. We just started watching and that Baby Yoda is even cuter on the show than he seemed in all the internet GIFS I’ve seen over the past couple of years. I hope you had a nice weekend!

Recently Consumed

Remember when Joey and I started watching The Crown four months ago and made it through about 5 episodes, then kept watching other stuff instead? Me neither, so let’s move on 🙂 Here is a list of the things consumed by my head, heart, eyes, ears and stomach lately.

Butter Chicken

I’ve wasted too much of my life not eating enough Indian food and it stops now! And as it turns out, Dempsey loves it! Naan, rice, yogurt, saag, masala… he loves it all! So when I saw this recipe for butter chicken on The Kitchen, I knew we had to make it. It was so easy and so good and so extra comforting to eat on a cold winter night. Can’t wait to make it again!

Ariadne by Jennifer Saint

Mythological retellings are the new historical fiction. I think Ariadne is the third one I’ve read recently (see also Circe and The Song of Achilles) and I really love this genre! I’ve always had a thing for Greek mythology and both Jennifer Saint and Madeline Miller (who I hear is writing a new book about Persephone and I cannot wait to read that!) are so wonderful at locating the heart and soul of these characters, so that you feel a real connection with them, even though they are not real people. Heart wrenching in the best of ways.

The Rescue

I knew this documentary, about the cave rescue of twelve boys and their coach in Thailand during 2018, was coming but my sis got to it first and told us we HAD to watch. We meant to just watch some of it — fitting in a movie on a weeknight is tough — but then we couldn’t stop and watched the whole thing. I WAS BLOWN AWAY and also SO STRESSED through the whole thing. I knew the bare bones of the story, but I did not know the details — how the divers were all just hobbyists with years of experience, or the issues they ran into during the rescue, and how just so many things could (or did) go wrong and still they were able to rescue all thirteen of them! This doc focused mainly on the divers — I hear Netflix has access to the boys and their families tied up for their own forthcoming documentary — but I really loved that angle. The unlikeliest of heroes ❤ Still don’t know how I didn’t sob my way through the entirety of the film, but somehow, I made it!

Ottolenghi’s Simple

My sis and Wayne got me this cookbook for Christmas and I am loving it! We’ve made a handful of things so far and they have all been good. The highlight has definitely been these beef meatballs with lemon and celery root, which we’ve already made twice and are amazing! Nothing like a new cookbook to re-inspire your cooking game. We are already set to pick something new for next week too.

Dawn FM

Joey wore The Weeknd’s last album out, so when Dawn FM came out a few weeks ago, I thought I’d meet him on his level and give it a listen. Now, I’ve listened to it a million times and he barely has, go figure 😂 But that’s okay, because I’m really loving it. Favorites being “Out of Time,” “Less Than Zero” and that odd poem narrated by… Jim Carrey?? It works!

The Beatles: Get Back

Nothing like watching a series that everyone else watched a full two months ago and then needing someone to talk to about it but they’ve all moved on to The Book of Boba Fett or something. I can’t keep up anymore! Anyway, we finally finally watched this documentary series on The Beatles and even though that first episode is so chaotic and hard to watch and the entire thing is semi-exhaustive, is there a higher high than watching Paul come up with “Get Back”?? Or watching them all goof around during rehearsals? Or seeing those outfits George Harrison wore? Or watching the rooftop concert?? They sounded amazing!!! I loved Billy Preston, I loved Heather, I loved Mal hitting that anvil while they practiced “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.” Hey, I even loved watching Yoko just read a magazine while the greatest band of all time showed off their songwriting genius because WHO DOES THAT. I’ve spent possibly too much time thinking about this series since the moment we finished it. Just amazing stuff!

Please tell me what you’ve read, watched, listened to or eaten that’s been particularly good!