Weekend Things

2022! Here we are. And wow has it already been a year. Thursday afternoon, I took off from work to go visit Hannah and Josh and this was the view. I’m sure you all know about the devastating fire that took place in Louisville and man, is it sad. I actually grew up in Louisville and lived there from when I was 18 months old till I left for college (and maybe one more year after I moved back from the dorms at CSU), so it has truly been insane and heartbreaking to watch it all on the news. My parents’ office is still there but luckily, the fire did not reach it. So many Facebook friends that I went to school with have posted about losing their houses and it is so awful. I cannot imagine. It has, however, been so heartening and emotional to see members of the community offering help, from housing to clothing to advice for handling this with your children. Just wow ❤

In other New Year news, we celebrated the arrival of 2022 with my sis and Wayne and our usual NYE dinner of pizza from Cart-Driver. To the shock of all, including myself, we actually made it to midnight! Started the next morning with breakfast and Bloody Marys, plus Joey and I watched our traditional New Year’s Day musical, except that we had to fit it in during Dempsey’s naps and maybe didn’t finish it until 10 PM 😂 We had my family over for dinner that night, one of my favorite ways to ring in the new year, and to top it all off, we tossed out the Christmas tree and took at trip to the Botanic Gardens. Hard to be optimistic about things when it starts with such a sad event, but we’re trying.