Weekend Things

Hello! Desperately trying to find time to post here more consistently — my brain is total mush from sleeping only three hours at a time, so I fear I’ll forget all of these sweet newborn days if I don’t document them somewhere — but our routine is still kind of a mess. I know we will get there with time. Anyway here we are in 2023! Our weekend was pretty low-key and I am all for that right now 😊

Joey and I finally tried a newish restaurant near us called Bodega for lunch on Friday and it was really good. I love the idea of a mixed bag of fries! The rest of the day involved me admiring my fixed up ring — I finally had the diamond that fell out in 2020 replaced! — LOTS of baby cuddles and some tummy time that turned into a nap 😂 and a super simple dinner of spaghetti and frozen meatballs. We need to do that more often!

Had a Saturday morning visit from Grandpa Steve and Lorna, which was so nice for all of us. Baby Girl had her eyes open for a bit and Dempsey showed us all what a good big brother he is. He loves holding and talking to and kissing his baby sis 🥹🥹🥹 Afterward, we loaded up the kids in the double stroller for the first time and took a short walk. Lydia was NOT having it but she settled down and fell asleep pretty quickly. Took a mid-walk pause so Dempsey could turn around and see his sister back there.

Been trying to take a nap during Dempsey’s nap time — easier said than done when you also need to eat lunch, feed your baby, take a shower, do anything you need two hands for 🤪 — so we decided it would be a good opportunity to try giving Lydia her first bottle. That way I would be home if for some reason it didn’t go well. But it went just fine! Dempsey helped even 😍 I think we had leftovers for dinner but who can remember! After Dempsey was in bed we finished up the movie we started on Friday, Bardo. A super dreamlike plot that we both thought was really interesting and beautiful to look at but when I checked the reviews afterward, I was met with a lot of criticism and claims that it was “self-indulgent.” I guess I don’t know enough about Iñarritu to agree or disagree but ignorance is bliss because I got to see this as just an awesome display of creativity and filmmaking talent.

A Sunday to ourselves. Dempsey and Joey ran out to pick up coffee (or a steamer in Dempsey’s case) while I made us all waffles. I thought they tasted like nothing but neither of the boys complained 😋 I set up a “nail salon” for Dempsey afterward. I can’t wait till he wants to go get mani/pedis with me 😊 We got salads for the week made and honestly, that’s a huge accomplishment these days. Joey and Dempsey took down the Christmas lights outside and put away our inflatable snowman. Sad! I made us some salmon salads with puff pastry croutons for dinner and how good is puff pastry?! Got our newborn photos while we were sitting on the couch after putting Dempsey to bed and oh my gosh 😍😍😍 I love how they turned out. My beautiful children! I hope you are all having a good start to your 2023.