Weekend Things

No plans, extra sleep, warm weather, and lots of movies means we had a good weekend! Also Dempsey had his first sleepover at my parents’ (I got a text from my mom at 10:30 PM on Sunday saying he’d finally sung himself to sleep 😂) so our weekend ended on an unusual but quieter note.

Friday started with donuts! Dempsey and I drive past this donut shop every Friday on our way to Grandma’s and finally decided to stop in. It is very no frills inside but there were regulars and a little line forming and I took those to be good signs. Got a mixed dozen and Dempsey had eaten three donut holes by the time I said goodbye to him. Can personally vouch for the twist and plain cake donuts! Back at home, Lydia was being all smiley and I love that 😍

The second half of the day included a long walk around the lake, wings and a movie. Joey had mentioned this wing place he wanted to try and Friday seemed like a good time to do it. It was a bit of a drive but I thought the ordering/pick up was smooth as could be and the wings and fries were GOOD. And also really meaty. Dempsey ate some waffle fries but would hardly touch the wings so I guess he’s a Fire on the Mountain loyalist 😂 Started Empire of Light after toddler bedtime and halfway through we weren’t really sure why it had such a bad rating. More on this later though.

Not sure where else to mention this, so I’ll say it here. Dinner time is so chaotic lately. Lydia is almost always crying because we’ve put her down to eat and she’s somehow always overtired, and between trying to have an adult conversation with Joey and respond to all the things Dempsey is saying, my brain feels like it’s going to explode. Hoping we find a new flow soon but for now, I just expect to feel completely overstimulated every evening 🤪

Lydia slept from 10 PM to 5:45 AM on Friday night!!!! Her longest stretch yet. I woke up in a semi-panic but we could hear her snoozing away in there and she woke up to eat shortly after. We let her sleep in her bassinet till 9 AM and it was truly strange to eat breakfast just the three of us. I was trying to use up mascarpone from last week’s pasta and found a pancake recipe that called for some. They were really good!!! We were near out of fruit so frozen wild blueberries to the rescue. Lydia had her two month photo shoot afterward and I can’t believe the difference a month makes! Took the kids to the park afterward and Dempsey hates heights but loves spinning, so he spent a lot of time on the tire swing. During nap time, both Joey and I got in a run and once Demps was back awake, we all watched Space Jam. Dempsey liked that part where Wayne Knight’s character gets inflated like a giant balloon 😂 Leftovers for dinner then finished our movie after Dempsey’s bedtime and I thought it looked and sounded beautiful but wasn’t sure what it wanted to be about.

Sunday started with biscuit sandwiches! The best 🤤 The rest of the morning involved Mary Poppins, Magnatiles, Joey fixing a drain and a baby nap in my arms. Sometimes, for funsies, we try putting Lydia down for a nap in her crib, then we laugh and laugh at ourselves for thinking it could be that easy 😂 But instead of feeling frustrated like I did with Dempsey, I just think “guess she’s still too little for that.” Black Panther: Wakanda Forever during toddler nap time and dang, I wish these BP movies weren’t saddled with the task of being so self-serious.

My parents came to pick Dempsey up around 3 and I kept getting cute updates on what they were doing, including a video of him eating Sloppy Joe and saying “I lub it” which I know brought such joy to my mom’s heart 🤍 Meanwhile, we were at home eating stir-fried eggs with velvet shrimp (yum!) and having a single conversation. What a concept! 😂 Watched an entire movie in one go afterward. Bones and All was less gory and less cheesy than I had expected and I actually kind of liked it?? Thought Chalamet, Russell and Stuhlbarg were all so good despite some issues with the plot.

This morning has felt so quiet without our rambunctious toddler around. I miss him! Lydia and I are off to our 2 month appointment today. Wish us luck!

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