Weekend Things

Whew, I knew we were starting off our April with a bang but I didn’t realize we’d be 10 days in and I’d already feel exhausted! Last week, we celebrated Joey’s birthday, went to Opening Day for the Rockies, attended Lauren and Adam’s wedding dinner and yesterday, celebrated Easter. Probably doesn’t help that Lydia has been thrashing around in her crib at 3 AM for the past few nights, so we’ve been playing game after game after game of paci pong and I think I’m still recovering from Dempsey skipping his nap on Opening Day 🤪😂 But it was still such a nice weekend. Nothing like warm weather and spending time with family 🤍

Can’t believe I got to share another Opening Day with my baby and now, another baby! It was cold until the sun reached us and then it was HOT. We stayed to sing during the 7th Inning Stretch, then peeled out and once Joey left for bowling, all hell broke loose. I finally got Dempsey in his crib and he asked “what was happening to me?” Dude, I do not even know 😬

Had a very low-key Friday, thank goodness. Demps has been fighting a cold for what feels like a month. It’s left him so stuffy and just really wiped out but it’s near impossible to get toddlers to rest, so he’s been going about his days as usual, just whinier and more prone to tantrums 🤪 Got him to bed, then assembled Easter baskets and watched Top Chef. I’m loving this international group of chefs this season!

Saturday started with lemon poppyseed pancakes and a trip to the park — we got a new double stroller and WOW, it’s so nice! — then ended with Lauren and Adam getting married! We were back at home in bed at 10 o’clock last night when I realized I didn’t get a picture with the newlyweds OR with the four of us. I’m so sad and mad about it! But you can sort of see the kids’ outfits in the pictures above. Those shoes didn’t really fit me or Lydia very well 😂 Joey and I got to be the witnesses on the marriage certificate and I felt so honored! What a lovely celebration for them 🤍

Here’s a slew of Easter morning photos! I think Dempsey had more fun going through his sister’s basket than his own 😂 And it’s a toss up on who’s more excited about his new knife set, me or him! Did a little egg hunt in the backyard after breakfast and he was too cute. Made me excited for Lydia’s second and third Easters.

Post-afternoon naps, we let Demps and Lydia open their Easter gifts from Grandma Lori. Dempsey got a basketball hoop and let’s just say he may have inherited Mom’s athleticism instead of Dad’s 😬 Back inside, I had a toddler’s help making deviled eggs and needless to say, they didn’t turn out the prettiest 😂😂 I laughed at him arranging the plate with the little pieces he’d chopped up though. Headed to my parents’ for dinner and Dempsey complained about the egg smell the whole way. He’s not wrong! My mom spoiled us all, as usual and I’m so excited to dig into all of it. She knocked it out of the park on dinner too! Dempsey ran off from the table minutes into the meal but returned later in his “wrestling mask.” This kid! King Cake for dessert and then the most overstimulating car ride home, featuring a screaming baby, a talkative toddler, “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” blasting and me feeling like I’m about to lose my mind. Whew, I’m beat!

Hope you all had a good weekend and got to spend time with family yesterday 🤍