A Very Good 4th of July

We had such a good first 4th of July weekend with our Dempsey! I fear that if I go into true detail this post will be so long that even I won’t have the attention span for it, so I will just tell you the basics and let the slew of pictures do most of the talking (minus a short caption maybe πŸ˜‹). Started with dinner out with our best friends — I maybe danced with Mason mid-meal — then a day of annoying errands, our first outdoor movie of the summer, a really truly good 4th of July BBQ with our family and sparklers and some very funny $3 fireworks and then to top it all off, a rejuvenating Monday off to just rest and hang as a family of three. I loved every second πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Someone was excited to wake up on Friday with a third tooth!

Baby besties, cider, Mason dancing, good food and catching up with Hannah and Josh at Acreage ❀

Made baby-sized pancakes for that little Dempsey on Saturday morning and I’m not sure he actually consumed anything but he did keep putting it in his mouth, so I was happy!

Picked up pie x2, got a mani, went to the grocery TWICE, tried on Birkenstocks, braved Pyro City for sparklers, whew!

Grilled halloumi sandwiches + an outdoor movie! I have seen Joe Versus the Volcano wayyyy too much times πŸ˜‚

Joey paused the hot dog eating contest for me, so I could watch when I got back from getting my hair done 😬

Had everyone over for beer/cider-can chicken + a bunch of sides and everything was so good! Demps wore a hot dog shirt that we bought for Mason when he was a baby! It was passed down to Henry and then to Demps but man was it tight! Put that baby to sleep, hung out till it was dark then lit sparklers and my heart was so happy ❀❀❀

Park baby!

We hadn’t had pie in like 10 hours, so we got hand pies for breakfast πŸ˜‚

Pool time for Dempsey! Not sure he cared about the water, but he did like the toys 😍

Going through a phase where he’ll only eat from an adult spoon πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

A summer salad with all the good things in it!

I hope your holiday weekend was everything you wanted and needed it to be ❀

Weekend Things

Okay, I am very sorry for the flood of photos that I’m adding to this post. SUMMER 2021 IS BUSY. We are going places and doing things and seeing people and I want to document it all! Lucky for you, I don’t have pictures of the mess I made when I tried to find a sunny spot in our house for my herb planter and decided the top of the washing machine was a good place… until the washing machine was running and the whole thing fell on the floor 🀬 Or a picture of my toe, when my blow dryer fell off the counter RIGHT onto it (how??). But I do have Friday morning coffee walk scenes, a very important anniversary party on Saturday, Jacy’s bridal shower on Sunday and as usual, a million Dempsey photos.

Pre and post coffee, respectively, then silly time with Mom and Dempsey. Joey had ANOTHER golf tournament to play in, so Demps and I walked to the coffee shop on our own again and even though we missed Joey, I can’t complain about having some alone time with my son. It is the best! He is very playful lately and you can tell he just wants to move around so bad, but he hasn’t gotten that crawling thing down yet, so he just wiggles and rolls and climbs and it is too funny! Lori helped me out by coming over after his first nap and staying until the end of the work day. Very grateful for her! Once Joey was home, we had a relaxed evening of leftovers, baby bedtime, Top Chef and an episode of The Underground Railroad. Also, Olympic Trials have been on and we’ve been watching a little bit each night. We are sooooo excited for the Olympics!

Saturday, what a day! I will try to be brief and let those photos do most of the talking. Woke up with cuddles and then Joey made us strawberry buttermilk cornmeal pancakes, YUM! We had afternoon plans and were hoping Demps would get in a good nap but he didn’t end up sleeping long. Oh well because he was happy and playful for Joey’s grandparents SIXTIETH wedding anniversary celebration!!!! Isn’t that an amazing accomplishment?! Dempsey met so many family members for the first time and it was the sweetest and best to see him cuddled up to everyone ❀ Also pretty impressive that we got that big family photo by propping Jory’s phone up with a water bottle and putting the self-timer on πŸ˜‚

It’s all fun and games letting your baby stay up past his naptime till you get home and he’s overtired and overstimulated and falling asleep eating but then wakes up 30 minutes later. We could not get him back to sleep, despite how tired he seemed so we cuddled on the couch. He laid on me and played with a toy for like an hour πŸ˜‚ Took both boys (Demps and Andi, that is) for a walk, did baby dinner and bathtime then put that tired boy down for bed super early, meaning I had time to bake cookies and then when our ramen order finallllllly arrived (Uncle was so backed up), we got to enjoy a little adult dinner time sans baby. Feels good to do that once in a while 😊 We also watched a movie for the first time in two weeks?? Who am I?! We both thought Uncle Frank was very good! Peter Macdissi as Wally was so funny and heartwarming at the same time.

That sleepy baby slept till 7 AM on Sunday and was revived afterward, thank goodness. I was glad only I had places to go, so he could have some downtime with Dad. Some of us had oatmeal for breakfast and some of us had donuts for breakfast πŸ˜‚ Can’t wait till that Dempsey can also share a donut with us but till then, messy oatmeal faces galore. We fed him then went down the street to The Noshery and ate a good breakfast out on the patio. I made my way to Littleton later on for Jacy’s bridal shower and isn’t it so nice to go to a female-only celebration? Sorry dudes, but you can just feel the care and love that’s put into something female organized and it’s beautiful. As so was Jacy! I love watching a bride-to-be open so many thoughtful and heartfelt gifts ❀ Back at home, Dempsey was just waking up, so that was perfect timing! We all had salmon for dinner, then spent some time calling our friends before bedtime πŸ˜‚ Joey and I finished up our show and wow, it was so beautifully shot, directed and acted but it did feel a little disconnected at times. I wasn’t sure what the heart of the story was supposed to be. It’s also not what I’d call a fun watch. Very very painful at times. But I would absolutely recommend it, if you’re already interested in what Barry Jenkins does.

Okay, that’s it from me. I hope you had a nice weekend!