A Day in the Life

Do you love these kinds of posts?  As a reader of other people’s blogs (and a Grub Street Diet obsessive!), I totally do.  And as a blog writer, I love them too because they’re a fun snapshot of a particular moment in time, season in a year and juncture in a life.  It’s fun to re-read them and think “oh yeah, I remember that phase where I tucked all my shirts in!”  Just FYI, I am deep in that phase right now.  So here’s May 22, 2018, permanently fixed into the fabric of the internet.


We stopped letting our dog sleep in bed with us and after two weeks of being okay with it, he has decided he’s had enough and will be back in the bed.  I blame Joey, who decided “he can sleep in our bed during the weekend!”  I gently explained that dogs don’t know the difference between weekday and weekend.  Our willpower only lasts until 12:30 AM, when we can tolerate our dog’s quiet but extremely high-pitched whine no longer.  He only wakes us up a million times when he decides he’d like to be petted now or needs to crawl over us both to get from one side of the bed to the other.  Delightful!  This is all to say, we wake up at 5:45 AM to run and though I figured I’d feel exhausted, I feel alive!


We run 3 miles through our neighborhood, taking a different route to pass a house that’s popping the top, and only run one block further than we should have before realizing it.  Back at home, it’s a whirlwind of showering, getting ready, eating breakfast, packing lunch, feeding the dog, watering our garden and picking up coffee down the street at Huckleberry Roasters.  I made overnight oats the night before, so at least breakfast is a breeze.  I just give them a stir, top with granola and peanut butter and dig in.


The first half of the work day consists of getting a few small orders out, online shopping for some magnetic labels to organize the sets of plans I order from, answering emails and my daily freak-out about how many things we have to do over the weekend… which is still four days away and half of which, is fun stuff I voluntarily added to our calendar.  What is wrong with me?  To cope, I spend three minutes staring at this poster my uncle had signed (with a personal message even) by HARRY CONNICK JR. (!!!!!!!!!!) and mailed to me last week.  I consider writing a will so I can make arrangements for this most prized possession.


(Recycled photo as I was definitely NOT wearing a jacket today!) 

Lunch time!  This one has roasted sweet potato, shredded cucumber, radish, cilantro, pepitas and avocado.  Maybe we’ve finally nailed picking a perfect avocado, maybe avocados are just extra buttery-delicious right now, all I know is I have eaten so many recently and they have all tasted incredible.  Also, extra lunchtime happiness brought to you by warm-enough-to-sit-outside temps.  I am nothing if not a true and devoted reader, so the second half of my lunch break almost always involves a book.  I’m so very close to the end of The Dry and though I’m sort of antsy to just figure out the mystery already, I’ve also really enjoyed reading it.  Something about it reminds me of this one, which I also really liked.


Spent the afternoon working arguing with Joey over whether Little Man Ice Cream flavors Space Junkie and Raspberry Love are made with the same base ice cream flavor.  I probably spent too much time thinking about it.  At 3:30, we take a walk.  At 4:00, I eat a snack.  Dorsey Bar a day keeps the doctor away.  Or something.  At 4:30, it starts raining and I’m sad because I planned on working in our garden after work.  I also wonder if the thunder is scaring my dog while he’s home alone.

But when we get home, the sun is out and garden plans are back on!  I pull a bunch of annoying teensy weeds then replant everything that hasn’t sprung up in our garden beds yet.  This side fared pretty well but the other side was patchy heads of lettuce, random carrots that had apparently blown from their original spots and maybe green onions?  Maybe just weeds?  Fingers crossed that everything comes up now.

Threw together leftovers for Joey and I for dinner — Mediterranean Eggplant Bowl for me, Spicy Shrimp Tacos for him.  How good is halloumi cheese though?!  Some time last week, I told Joey a push pop sounded good and he made me promise I’d get one if the ice cream truck came by.  Moments after we finish dinner, we hear that little jingle!  By the time Joey runs to get money, the truck is gone. Noooo!  We’re over it quickly though and move on to watching three episodes of Parks and Rec before switching it over to the Rockies game. Baseball is the best but West Coast games are the worst because they don’t even start until 8 PM.  I eat a snack of Greek yogurt and not-quite-ripe strawberries just after 10:00 and even finish my book before the game ends… in a loss for the Rockies.  If I’m going to stay up late, could we at least win??

The last thing I hear before I fall asleep is that little high-pitched whine.

A Day in the Life

Guys!  Do you like these kinds of posts?  I’m totally nosey about other people’s lives so I love seeing them and thought it’d be fun to do one of my own again.  Written in real time on Thursday but seeing as it’s Friday when you’re reading it, I guess I should say “Happy Weekending!”


When you plan on waking up at 6 AM, you should probably not stay up late watching the Olympics the night before.  I know this, yet I did it anyway.  Summer Olympics only happen once every four years and I must watch every possible second!  “Strawberry Fields Forever” wakes me up, I hit snooze once then reluctantly drag myself out of bed, and into my running clothes.  By 6:20, I’m off!


My 3-miler ends up not being so bad and lo and behold I might actually be in a better mood now!  Probably because I saw a pumpkin-sized round zucchini growing in someone’s yard and found it really funny.  Also, full disclosure: I tried really hard not to run super slow because I knew I’d be taking a picture of my results.


Back at home, I shower and get ready.  Joey delivers me a glass of iced coffee at 7:15 and I love him just a little bit more.  Breakfast is overnight oats, granola and peanut butter (on loop all summer long) while I watch this fascinating Ryan Lochte vs. Brazilian Authorities story unfold on the Today Show.  I have a lot of opinions on this matter, none of which I’ll subject you to.


We’re in the middle of a renovation at our office and it is a complete mess.  It’s going to be really nice once it’s all complete but right now it’s ripped up carpet, dust everywhere and whatever is going on in my ceiling.  Oh and hammering, lots and lots of hammering.  This does, however, give me an excuse to quote my favorite Christmas movie over and over again.  There’s a hole for an eventual window in Joey’s wall and I keep using it to enter and exit his office, because I can!


Joey has just enough time between meetings — he’s spearheading this whole renovation — to eat lunch with me.  Salads-in-a-jar with tarragon vinaigrette, chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes, feta, romaine and slivered almonds.  All week, we’ve been escaping the dust to eat lunch at a park down the street but no time today.  C’est la vie.  Lunch is cut short when at least five bees swarm our table and we decide we’ve had enough of the outdoors for one day.


The reno crew leaves around 2:30 every day, at which time our office suddenly feels eerily quiet.  I wish I could tell you something exciting happened work-wise, but it’s a pretty mundane Thursday.  Ordering, invoicing, filing, texting my sister about guacamole.  Oh and I see this and come really close to crying at my desk.  Bookmarking this restaurant for one day when I make it to Atlanta!


I’m the type of person who’s hyper aware of when 5 PM hits so I’m kind of thrown off guard when Joey comes into my office ready to leave and I hadn’t even realized it was time yet!  We make it home, check our garden — patty pan squash are looking NICE — and watch an episode of Seinfeld, but then it’s date night!  It was rainy towards the end of the workday but now the skies have cleared and I’m hoping for perfect ramen on the patio weather at Uncle.


THERE’S NO WAIT.  What?!  I order a watermelon gose and am in my happy place.  We also ordered fried fingerling potatoes with kimchi butter and scallion sour cream so Joey is in his happy place.  Then we both make the best decision of our lives and order the Spicy Chicken Ramen.  The tahini broth is buttery and rich and life changing.  Also, we knock chopsticks the entire time we’re eating.  You would think, after 9 years, we would know which side the left-hander should sit on, but we’re reeeeeally slow learners.


Back at home, we park it on the couch to watch the Olympics — apparently shot putters have to scream while throwing that ball? — and ugh, how cool is Usain Bolt?!  The Jamaicans definitely win for best names too.  Mid-Olympics, we watch Big Brother and by the time it’s over, I’m too tired to even watch Team Brazil win men’s beach volleyball gold.  Wait, they won, right??  Somehow, it is still 11 o’clock by the time I get into bed.  I guess I’ll just sleep more next week.