Weekend Things

Guys, have I mentioned we’re bored?? In addition to just quarantining and waiting around for baby to arrive (not yet please, but soonish 😋), I also had time to take a total of four pictures this weekend. I have a feeling this post will be brief!

I’m now on a steady diet of dates, don’t worry about it. My favorite way to eat them is by blending them into a smoothie with milk, peanut butter and banana. So good!

Everyone celebrates Friday with a big salad, right?? This one had all the fun things though (chicken made THE BEST way, goat cheese, bacon, avocado and crispy shallots!), so it felt Friday-worthy. We also started watching To Catch a Thief and then I had to put Joey to bed we were both too tired to finish it and went to bed.

Started Saturday with breakfast sandwiches and a blueberry cream cheese croissant from the Wooden Spoon, then we finished our movie and I didn’t love that one, to be honest. Why was everyone so tan?? In search of something to do, Joey went down to start organizing our basement and… I made padsicles! I’m sorry if you’re not here for talk of postpartum recovery but um, I, a 31-year old woman, did not know anything about the bleeding and cleaning and icing and general pain of postpartum so I’m not even about to continue that trend of keeping it hushed up. I hope my future self thanks me for making basically an aloe and Witch Hazel coated underwear ice pack 😋

Later we took a trip to our office to check the mail and I put on real clothes to do it because it was truly my excitement for the day 😂 That night, we watched The Devil All the Time and even though Rob Pattinson should not be allowed to do accent work (or maybe even act at all), and even though this movie didn’t get great reviews, we both liked it? Made it through Weekend Update on SNL and I thought that episode sucked.

Sunday morning pumpkin waffles! I haven’t been able to get canned pumpkin in weeks and weeks but I had just enough in the freezer to make these waffles and they were so good! My new trick is to just sub buttermilk for milk in every recipe. Andi also approved.

The afternoon included football, a long walk for the pup, making pickled veggies for banh mi dinner, Joey finishing the basement organization and I took a nap 👸 After dinner, we walked the pup again (yes, I am doing all the walking!), finished What We Do in the Shadows and started The Vow. Also, my family FaceTimed us and they were all having tacos together and I wish we could have been with them! I hope your weekend was more eventful 🙂

Favorite Meal Breakdown: Bánh Mì Sliders

I’ve mentioned this before, but I usually reach recipe/meal exhaustion after the 5th time I make something.  IF a recipe makes it past that point, then it’s because I REALLY REALLY love it.  And considering I’m always finding new things to cook and am not a huge meal repeater, IF a recipe makes it past that point WITHIN A YEAR, then it’s definitely worth blogging about in detail.  These bánh mì sliders are that meal.  Let’s break it down!

Part I: Slider Buns

I use this recipe for Vegan “Brioche” Slider Buns and follow it (almost) to a T, except that I use ALL all-purpose flour and I don’t brush them with coconut oil or sesame seeds at the end.  Though now that I think about it, that sounds kind of worth it.  Anyway!  This gives me 16 slider buns, half of which I wrap individually in plastic, pop in a Ziploc bag and place in the freezer for the next time I make this meal.  They freeze/defrost like a dream, so just remember to put them in the fridge 1-2 nights before you’re going to eat them.


So cute, so fluffy, so perfect.  Joey raves every time I make em!

Part II: Pickled Veggies

I go with a combo of carrots, jalapeños and red onion and use this quick and simple pickling method, except I half the recipe (which still ends up being more than enough!).  Do it a day or two before so the veggies have a chance to really soak up some flavor and soften a little.


Part III: Tempeh, Mayo, Sliders

The recipe that inspired it all!  This one from Faring Well, which I use for both the tempeh and the vegan mayo.  If you’ve never emulsified your own vegan mayo, you’ve never lived!  You’ll be amazed at how much it looks like real mayo.  If I’m really on top of things, I’ll start marinating the tempeh in the morning just for some extra soaking up time, but you can do it just before too.  Either way, it’s super flavorful.*  Then all that’s left to do is slicing the buns in half, toasting them, loading them up with vegan mayo, tempeh, pickled veggies and a sprinkle of cilantro and devouring them!

I just typed “flavorable,” so I think bánh mì slider obsession is starting to scramble my brain…


Pro Tip: Make the buns over the weekend, pickle the veggies the day before, marinate the tempeh before you leave for work and come dinner time, all you have to do is bake the tempeh, emulsify the mayo (because you might as well do something while the tempeh is in the oven!) and assemble the sliders.  Aka 30 minutes till these are on your dinner table.  Not only do they taste amazing but when you realize you made (almost) everything from scratch, it tastes just that much better!

Wishing you a day as good as these sliders :)á