Anniversary Weekend Things

FIVE YEARS, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??  Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and sometimes I hear myself telling newly married or recently engaged people about our wedding and imagine them rolling their eyes because they don’t want to hear about something that happened so long ago.  Okay, now I’m projecting and we’ve gotten off track 😛



We had a very loud, but otherwise wonderful, dinner at Spuntino — we split two perfectly al dente pasta dishes and a flight of gelato — and I hope everything in Italy tastes this good when we’re there in a month!  I took zero pictures because sometimes, it’s really really nice to not do that.  Afterward, we hit up the Mayan to see Brittany Runs a Marathon.  Joey dropped his chapstick off the second floor balcony while we were waiting to go into the theater and I found it really funny.  Anyway, the movie was ALSO really funny and I wholeheartedly loved it!  Joey didn’t find it “artistic” enough and I think I’ve created this monster?


Saturday started with ricotta pancakes (THE FLUFFIEST AND BEST!), then we ran a few errands before deciding to head to Cheesman Park!  Joey suggested this and I couldn’t see a reason not to!  We set up our blanket in the shade near the pavilion and got to witness five quinceañeras and a wedding.  So much celebration ♥  Plus reading and napping and right before we left, we found out Jenn and Korey were there too, so we got to go say hi.  Made it back home in time to watch the end of the CU game, like a good alumni 😛  We won!  Spent the evening at Top Golf — I have swung a golf club like three times EVER, so I opted to just hang out, though Joey did get me to hit one ball — for Kelsey’s birthday celebration.  I maybe stole that group photo from her 🙂


Joey liked our Sunday morning run last week and suggested we do it again.  I only made us walk twice…  Afterward, he headed out to watch football and though I received much pressure and guilt-tripping, I was really just feeling like I needed some time to myself so I got a manicure (the color is called “Quinceañera”!), read in the backyard, made some snack bars and went to yoga.  It was majorly pouring when my class got out and the walk back to the car suddenly felt extra long, but that class was so healing ♥


We had plans to make Stupid-Simple Grilled Ribs with cornbread and green beans and when Joey went out to check the ribs they were literally burnt to a crisp!!!!  We think they maybe caught on fire??  They were not even close to salvageable and we had nothing else in the fridge!  Don’t let this happen to you.  The cornbread and green beans were already made, so we quickly decided to go pick up ribs at Smok and honestly, they were probably better than the ones we were going to make.  That cornbread though!!!  So dinner disaster aside, we made it through and the first weekend of September is in the books.  How was your weekend and have you every majorly destroyed your own dinner??

Weekend Things: This is December

So, it’s that time of year again.

December.  Full-on Christmas season.  Which means Christmas lights, Christmas shopping, Christmas music (except that I’ve been listening to that for the past 3 weeks…) and Christmas feasting.  Oh and December also means the KBCO Studio C release!

I’m sorry if you’ve been reading my blog for the past 3 years, and have to keep reading posts about me waiting in line at 6 AM for some CD, drinking Starbucks and dressed like it’s below freezing outside, but this year will be no different.  Except that it was about 50 degrees and I was overdressed.


But like always, my mom ended up going even though she claimed she wasn’t, we took pictures of us waiting in line and sent them to my uncle (who pointed out that I was overdressed) and reminisced about all the other years that we’ve waited in line.


Warm enough for iced drinks, apparently.  I think I prefer warm weather to having to wait outside in the dark while it rains or just full on snows.  And by “I think” I mean I know.


I’m guessing next year we will reminisce about 2012, the year someone drove up and asked why we were all waiting in front of a liquor store (the line ends up winding there) and one of the radio show hosts answered that “the people of Boulder just want their liquor!”


And I will reminisce about how ecstatic I was that they were passing out bagels and cream cheese because I’ve had a serious bagel craving for the past couple of weeks.  And just for the record, that bagel was everything I hoped it would be.


You know, I used to go because there’s a 2 CD per person limit and my mom needed me to be able to get more than 2 CDs, then I went because it was a tradition, and now I go because want a copy of the CD.  It’s unplugged, it’s not the crap on the pop radio stations and it’s always so good.


I think Mayer Hawthorne and Grafitti6 are my favorites, but really, I love them all so far.  Oh, and I also go because it’s tradition.  And once something becomes a tradition, I basically insist on doing it for the rest of forever.  So don’t think you’re bailing next year, Mom.

After we got our CDs, we all kind of parted ways and I, in fact, went off to run a race.


This being the only proof that I actually ran the Colder Bolder with my friend Jenn because I wasn’t about to carry my phone during the race.  The joke was on me though when we got beanies in our race packet and had to hold them the entire time we ran.  The race was on CU campus and I love being on campus so I loved the course (except the hills!) and only ran off the race course on accident once…


December also means the Denver Parade of Lights.  Which I thought would mean a quick drive into Denver, picking a prime spot to watch the parade from and easily grabbing a late dinner somewhere on the 16th Street Mall.  Except that it was really nice outside and everyone else also had the same plan, so by the time we’d made it to the parade (40 minutes after it started — hey traffic, you suck) it was so packed that there was no way we’d be getting anywhere close enough to the parade to see it.  And the wait for a table was an hour and a half (no thanks).  And we wandered around through crowded Denver for way too long looking for somewhere to eat that didn’t have a wait that would have us eating after midnight.


Okay, after midnight is a slight exaggeration.  Oddly enough, even though nothing went as planned and it was late and it felt like we had walked all over Denver, I was totally okay with how the night turned out.  I’m usually the one who freaks out if we stray from the plan or if dinner isn’t at a normal hour and for some reason, I was just totally calm.


We eventually happened upon a place with no wait (whoa!) and enough good-looking menu options to make up our minds pretty easily.  I got French Onion soup and a glass of wine and was totally content with life.  That parade probably sucked anyways.


I spent the better part of yesterday at the mall with this person.  This person who has a dog treat fanny pack.  And whom, I told “I can’t be a part of this” to when she put her dog treat fanny pack on.  But we also did some Christmas shopping, lunch eating and boot trying-on.

Since it’s December, I can only assume there will be more Christmas activities, Starbucks holiday drinks, shopping, comfort food and family time.  Yep, it’s that time of year.


How did you ring in December?

Are you done Christmas shopping or are you like me and have barely started?

Does it feel like winter where you live or is it unseasonably warm like it is in Colorado?