Memory-a-Day in September

Saturday, September 1st: Debating a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Better Buzz, then deciding against it.

Sunday, September 2nd: Listening to Joey recap our day and realizing how truly good it’d been.

Monday, September 3rd: Walking through a bustling food hall and thinking how cool it was in there.

Tuesday, September 4th: Eating dinner outside and realizing it’s getting darker much earlier now.

Wednesday, September 5th: Wondering how Joey could possibly hear the soft crinkle of some tissue paper as I attempted to covertly wrap his anniversary present in our bedroom.

Thursday, September 6th: Cheersing spoonfuls of s’mores ice cream, watching Big Brother and trying to get our dog to hold hands with us.

Friday, September 7th: Getting smacked in the face with a rank smell during the Rockies game and wondering where it was coming from and when it would go away.

Saturday, September 8th: Pulling into a parking lot at Kenosha Pass and being truly wowed by all the gorgeous yellow leaves!

Sunday, September 9th: Walking home with an iced coffee in one hand and a pumpkin spice latte in the other.

Monday, September 10th: Having my sister over and getting a text saying “I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys” after she’d left and gone home ♥

Tuesday, September 11th: Holding a pint of freshly picked strawberries up to my nose and breathing in the sweetest smell.

Wednesday, September 12th: Trashing half of my iced coffee because, after a few weeks of not drinking any, half the glass was pa-lenty!

Thursday, September 13th: Feeling flustered by my dog barking at everything on our walk, starting dinner later than planned and the grill running out of propane.

Friday, September 14th: Preparing for GABF by marking breweries to visit and making a list of which beers to try.

Saturday, September 15th: Feeling my age as I stood in line at a movie theater packed with high school students and thinking they were all annoying.

Sunday, September 16th: Walking into a little alcove of Aspens with bright yellow leaves and feeling immensely happy.

Monday, September 17th: Offering to make dinner for Joey and listening to the Emmys in the background.

Tuesday, September 18th: Seeing a kid and his mom decked out in their Hogwarts robes ahead of us in line for Potted Potter.

Wednesday, September 19th: Walking past some weeds that were swarming with bees and feeling really freaked out about it.

Thursday, September 20th: Walking across the street to the grocery store with both my parents and remarking how nice it was to spend some solo time with them.

Friday, September 21st: Laying in bed post-GABF and watching a video I’d taken at the beginning of the night of Mason riding our bouncy blue cow ♥

Saturday, September 22nd: Sitting on our porch swing while Joey worked on repainting our picket fence and soaking up the perfect late afternoon weather on the first day of fall.

Sunday, September 23rd: Eating lunch outside on our backyard and getting up to look for our pup, who was curled up in the sunshine of an empty space in our garden.

Monday, September 24th: Trying to pretend I wasn’t dozing off as we drove home from Red Rocks after the Beck concert.

Tuesday, September 25th: Chatting with the two gals next to me at book club about how much we loved the book.

Wednesday, September 26th: Eating a whole wheat applesauce muffin on the couch while watching the Big Brother finale.

Thursday, September 27th: Standing in the audience clapping along to “Mamma Mia,” “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo” with (probably) a big dumb grin on my face.

Friday, September 28th: Telling Joey “we can leave early, I’ve already seen enough fireworks!” after seeing four home runs at the Rockies game.

Saturday, September 29th: Feeling Mason’s little hand wrapped tightly around my finger while we sat on a swing together ♥

Sunday, September 30th: Chanting “BEAT LA!” at the end of the Rockies game.


Weekend Things: October is here!

Homemade lasagna, family game time, arts and crafts at 10:30 on a Friday night.

A 5-mile run, 80° and a blue sky, an anniversary celebration complete with two food trucks, one last Rockies game, the return of SNL (!!!).

Sunday breakfast, a mountain drive and leaf peeping with John Mayer playing full blast, an afternoon spent with my family and zero agenda, sitting down with a bowl of homemade soup and the season premier of Shameless.  

I’ve been dealing with pre-weekend anxiety lately, just thinking about all the stuff that has to fit into those two and a half days, but I need to chill for real because it never ends up being as complicated as it seems in my mind.  Living for these beautiful October moments right now ♥


I won this game of Apples to Apples and that’s all you need to know.


Joey’s grandparents’ 55th Anniversary celebration was Saturday.  There was lots of pickleball and I arranged for two food trucks to show up and feed us all.  Sweet Cow for President!  


Come on, Rockies, you can’t even send us out with one last win??


I love you, Stowaway, but can you please get your $#!& together on busy mornings?  You wouldn’t even believe how hard it was to get a simple coffee refill.  Oy!


A very last minute trip to the mountains to see the changing leaves.  Peeped the handful of gold that’s still left, but mostly felt happy to be sipping coffee and listening to Continuum in the car with my best friend.  


Headed to my parents’ afterwards to see my mama, but got the bonus of seeing the whole family!  She gave me a bagful of the cutest teensy apples and my sister (begrudgingly) shared her nail polish with me and gosh do I love those two perfect beauties.  (My mom and sister I mean, not the apples and nail polish :P)

Also, these Speckled Swan Gourds that I saw at Whole Foods and actually said “aww!” about.

A couple of housekeeping items:

  • IT’S BEER WEEK!  Aka Great American Beer Fest is Friday and I’m so excited that I won’t sleep all week and there’s all sorts of beer events going on all week that I fully plan on taking advantage of.  Gonna be the best ever!
  • I swear I’m gonna post about our trip to Las Vegas this week… I hope!

Happy Monday!