Weekend Things

Can we pause on this moment in time for just a few more weeks?  Because this pre-spring feeling has me in such a good good mood.  We’re not quite in full-on spring mode, so anytime it’s nice enough to walk outside without a jacket or grab an iced coffee or enjoy a sunny Friday happy hour feels like a true blessing.  At some point, all of those things will feel expected, so I’m loving this up-in-the-air, surprise-spring-weather time we’re having.

FRI-YAY!  We were heading to the Nuggets game (why do I feel like I hadn’t been to a game in sooooo long?) so we decided to make it a full out date night and go to happy hour before.  We were thisclose to trying out Citizen Rail but then we remembered we’d also been wanting to try Hearth & Dram and after one glance at their HH menu, we were sold.  It was even better than we had hoped!  We maybe over ordered but everything was INCREDIBLE and we maybe can’t stop talking about it!  Denverites, PLEASE GO NOW!

The Nuggets beat the Lakers afterwards, but I still cannot tell you the name of any player on the team 🙂


Saturday started with Greek Yogurt Waffles!  We topped them with not-so-great strawberries but they still tasted good so let that be a testament to the recipe and waffles in general.  A little bit later, we hit up the gym, where I ran while listening to a Margot Robbie interview and she is GREAT.  We honestly had no real plans for the rest of the day and it was amazing!  We ate lunch — my Concord Grape Kombucha turned out real nice! — showered, made pizza dough and went to the grocery and it all felt very leisurely and perfect.

Also, they bagged someone else’s ice cream with our groceries and though we felt bad for the person who was going to get home and find themselves without dessert, Joey seemed happy to enjoy said ice cream for that person 😛


Homemade pasta for dinner!  It was our second time around and I think we did a little better than last time!  Putting the dough through the fettuccine cutter was so satisfying.  We used the noodles to make Fettuccinne with Tomato-Cream Sauce, which we’ve been making for something like six years, so it was already a favorite, but it was EVEN BETTER made with fresh pasta.  I think we were both doing a little happy dance the entire time we were eating it (or was that just me?).  Oh and we finally watched Wonder Woman!  I had mixed feelings that had nothing to do with Wonder Woman or the way Gal Gadot portrayed her and everything to do with ARES, GOD OF WAR, being played by dorky Professor Lupin.  When they superimposed his head on that muscular body in the flashback, I about lost it.  As a fan of Greek mythology, I’m very offended by this casting decision.

Did you guys watch Sterling K. Brown on SNL?!  I thought he KILLED it!  When he came out for the monologue, we already knew he was going to be good, but then he was SO SO good!  I also laughed VERY hard at Alex Moffat as Willem Dafoe.


We slept a little later than usual — or was it the same as usual but felt later because of the time change?? — so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go to Annette for breakfast, since they don’t open till 10.  We did that French Press, biscuit-of-the-day, pork hash thing that we do every time we’re there and it did not disappoint.  We don’t know how they make the biscuits so perfect or the pork hash so delicious, but we’re not going to question it.  Back at home, Joey tackled lunch salads while I cleaned the bathroom/backroom and I felt very proud of us.

At 3, I walked to get a manicure and it was just lovely outside.  I saw someone with silver nails the day before and felt inspired to do the same.  I think I’m into it!  While I was out, Joey returned this horrible book that I finally finished for me and I hated it so much that this is the only time I’ll be speaking about it.  After I got home and we had watched our 100th episode of The Amazing Race for the weekend, we made dinner and then suddenly it was the end of the day and sadly, the weekend.  Noooo!  Hey, at least I got to catch snippets of both The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast and annoy Joey by singing/dancing along to “Tale as Old as Time.”

Tell me about your weekend 🙂

Oscar Weekend Things

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it here on the blog but for the past few months, Joey and I have been making some pretty serious plans to do a major renovation on our house.  We’ve invested a lot of time, some money and much of our hearts to this idea so when we met with our builders Friday morning and they presented a budget that was WAY out of our range, we were pretty devastated.  I honestly don’t know where it all lies as of now, but just know we spent the rest of the weekend eating, drinking and money-spending our feelings 😛


I legitimately emailed Joey the seasonally updated happy hour menu at Root Down with the subject line “This looks like a good place to cry later.”  Despite our disappointment, it was a beautifully spring-like day and there’s nothing more soothing than sitting in the bar with the windows wide open and a drink in your hand.  Also, the parsnip croquettes temporarily made us forget anything bad had happened earlier in the day.  SO DANG GOOD.  Back at home, we watched Icarus (which was up for, and ended up winning, Best Documentary Feature) and I thought the flow of the film was weird but the subject was really interesting.


Saturday morning, we woke up and had just enough time for pancakes and coffee before I left to get a massage.  My mom gave me a bag of “presents” that included ten onions, ha!  Afterwards, I popped over to my sister’s new apartment, where she treated me to some Lemon-Ginger Brew.  I felt like I hadn’t seen her in so long and it was sincerely the best to soak up some sister time ♥  Back at home, I sat outside to eat lunch and read for a bit, then took myself on a run.  It is god-awful windy today but at least we got perfect weekend weather.


We went grocery shopping Saturday evening and even though we were kind of making fun of ourselves, there seemed to be a lot of other young people doing the same, so maybe we’re in?  I was thisclose to letting Joey convince me to go out to dinner again but then staying in to cook sounded fun too and we had just bought all those groceries.  Sorry not sorry that I love these broccoli tacos so much!  We also cracked open some beers and watched On Body and Soul, which was up for Best Foreign Language Film.  The description was sort of misleading and it was pretty slow, but I don’t think either of us minded the film overall.

P.S. Made it through all of SNL afterwards and Charles Barkley is far from a polished performer but I still really liked it?


Started Sunday by walking over to Huckleberry for breakfast and coffee.  Iced coffee, to be exact!  This weekend was apparently all about getting a taste of warm weather things and I was not mad about it.  This toast took what felt like an hour to come out (HOW THOUGH?) but then it tasted really good and the iced coffee was on point so we didn’t really mind.  Mostly, this little breakfast date at our local spot made me so happy.


The rest of the day involved leaving the back door wide open to let the warmth and sunshine in, food prep, writing a lengthy email to our builders and about 50 episodes of Celebrity Big Brother, during which I was also writing my Oscar post and therefore retained about 5% of what happened on the show.

We sat down to dinner just as the Oscars were starting and I was almost distracted from the show by how good this salmon and these sweet potatoes were.  Almost.  Anyway, I don’t think I need to tell you how excited I was for the Oscars.  I look forward to this day ALL YEAR!  Most of the winners went as predicted, but I thought Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious, — I seriously choked on some water during one of his opening jokes and it took me the rest of the night to fully recover — that bit where they surprised the theater across the street was the best and Frances McDormand was INCREDIBLE.  Also, I did end up making that Buffalo Wing Popcorn and it was truly delicious.  I highly highly recommend you make some.  Now someone tell me how many days until next year’s Oscars 🙂