This Week


It was really snowy and really cold.

Monday: snow, Tuesday: snow, Wednesday: high of nine degrees, Thursday: high of 19 degrees and Friday: finally heating up to 42 degrees.  We watched a car spin out on the highway and smash into the concrete guardrail on Wednesday morning and it was terrifying!

I watched a video of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Oscar Acceptance Speech.

Also nominated that year was Heath Ledger.  So sad that we have lost both of those amazing actors.

Joey made parmesan crisps!

Which basically means melting a little pile of parmesan cheese in a pan until it gets all delicious and crispy.  Joey decided the smell of melting parmesan was gross but he is dead wrong because I wanted to bottle that smell and use it as perfume.  So delicious.

I stocked up on Hempz.

I was almost out of lotion and definitely out of conditioner so I hopped on the Beauty Brands website and they happened to be having a half off sale on Hempz products.  If that isn’t perfect timing, I don’t know what is.

I watched the season finale of The Biggest Loser.

I’ve never watched a single episode of this show but I couldn’t find anything better on TV so I watched.  I’m not sure how I feel about how it ended/I don’t feel comfortable declaring someone else’s weight healthy or unhealthy but Twitter sure had a lot to say about it!

I decided “Flappy Bird” is the funniest game name ever.

No desire to play it or even know what it’s about, I just like to say the name 😛

We watched Mud.

I had heard that this movie marked the beginning of Matthew McConaughey’s  “acting overhaul” (which I assume means when he decided to stop portraying himself in a bunch of Rom-Coms) that culminated this year with Dallas Buyers Club.  True Story: It sucked.  So boring, so pointless.

We taste-tested our newest homebrew.

It’s not quite ready carbonation-wise, but the stout flavor is spot on!


What do you have on tap for this weekend?  We’ve got another cake tasting tomorrow morning plus picking up our Save the Dates and catching the Olympic Opening Ceremony tonight.


What I’m Loving Lately: Early Summer Edition


Dress and Sandal Weather.

Gifts is without a doubt my mother’s love language. I swear she spends a majority of her spare time buying things for my sister and I. The remainder of her spare time is spent cooking delicious food, tending to her two spoiled puppies, and reading a New York Times subscription that doesn’t belong to her but keeps accidentally being delivered to her address. Anyways, she gifted me this adorable (albeit slightly uncomfortable) pair of sandals last week. Perfect with a summery white sundress.



Speaking of things my mom is gifting to me — she FORCED me to take these Toms home last week. A majority of my spare time is spent trying to convince my mom that I don’t deserve all the gifts she gives me and that she should buy something for herself. Somehow I went from thinking Toms were the ugliest dorkiest shoes ever — “I’ll never wear those!” — to owning two pairs and thinking they’re actually pretty cute. This pair is infinitely more comfortable than my lacey ones, which I keep wearing in hopes that the elastic on the top will finally stretch out.


Homebrewed Iced Coffee.

Most mornings, I drink a cup of Earl Gray but when it’s early June and already in the upper 90’s in Colorado, I really can’t stomach the thought of drinking anything hot. Iced coffee to the rescue! I came across this awesome cold-brewing tutorial last week and kid you not, had to go to Target that night to gather the necessary components to make my own iced coffee. It turned out really good! The best part is that I can cater the amount of coffee to my caffeine tolerance, or lack there of… :O


Hempz Hydrosilk Herbal Moisturizer.

I’m cheap and usually buy some junky body lotion, but for Christmas, my mother gave my sister and I each a bottle of the Original Hempz Body Moisturizer and now I’m hooked. Ahem, please note more motherly gift giving 🙂 I ran over to Beauty Brands last week to pick up some more and they were out of my beloved Original, so I purchased this instead and I LOVE IT. It smells unbelievably good and is nice and light — perfect for summer — plus it was on sale!


Stone Fruit Season.

Strawberries will forever be my favorite fruit, but next on the list if definitely stone fruits. Peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, cherries. Love love love all of them. I think this may have something to do with all the fond memories I have of eating them as a child. During the summer, my mom seemed to always keep our fridge stocked with a bowl of plums or a bag of ruby red cherries, clearly intended for me to eat all in one sitting, right?


The Civil Wars.

I’m a sucker for a good male/female singing duo — one-time collaborators Alison Krauss & Robert Plant being my hands down favorite! — and the two voices in this one are perfectly beautiful together. Their live cover of Billie Jean played during a yoga class I took a couple weeks ago and they sounded so dang good live that it convinced me their CD was worth buying. And okay, the Billie Jean cover isn’t on there, but there’s an equally good take on the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.”


Dining Al Fresco. (I know you can’t tell that this picture was taken on an outdoor patio, but trust me, it was.)

There were many great things about the house I grew up in, but the one I will miss forever was the great patio in the backyard. My dream home will have a big wrap around front porch, with rocking chairs for sipping coffee and people watching and a backyard patio for summer grill outs. Wait, I promise I have a point. Joey and I have been sitting outside on our lunch break (in the shade, of course) and opting to sit outside when we go out to eat and dining al fresco is where it’s at.

Okay, enough of my rambling. What are you loving lately?