A Goodbye to Our House

In just two days, we’ll be leaving this little house, our home for the past six (almost seven) years, and though we are excited to move on, I can’t help but think back on all the wonderful things this space has brought us.  We got engaged here!  Brought home a pup, found out we were having a baby, grew our first garden, threw lots of BBQs, put up Christmas trees, cooked a million dinners, watched countless Rockies games, not to mention all the projects!  Pavers, sod and rocks in the front yard, garden boxes, a retaining wall, plants, flowers, a new garage, a deck, a sprinkler system and a new fence in the backyard.  Walls torn down and rooms repainted and new counter tops, appliances, a sink and a tile backsplash inside.  Snowstorms and rainstorms and stiflingly hot days without air conditioning and through it all, this 114 year old house has stood and kept us safe.  I’m so grateful for all the years we’ve spent here ♥

We have chosen not to remember the skunks or the cracks or the dirty alleyway or the way doors sometimes shut and sometimes don’t depending on the weather 😛

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Oscars Weekend Things!

I am on a true Oscars high!  Brad!  Bong Joon-Ho winning Best Original Screenplay!  Bong Joon-Ho winning Best Director!  A clip of “Jai Ho” (wow, I truly went insane when this happened, ha ha)!  And most importantly… PARASITE WINS BEST PICTURE!  Joey and I cheered like we were personally involved in the making of this film.  And even though I said I thought 1917 was going to win, I ended up going with my heart when I filled in my ballot and I was rewarded big time!


In full support of Parasite, we made “Ram-Don” aka Jjapaguri for dinner and it was just as good as it looked in the movie!  Plus our traditional Buffalo Wing Popcorn and Whiskey Sours for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, though that didn’t help the movie much.  What did you guys think of that surprise Eminem performance??  Every millennial I’ve spoken to hated it, but my parents loved it, so I’m just extra confused.  Overall, it was a great night!


Back on Friday, we headed home to hunker down because it was snowy and it felt right to stay in, cook ourselves dinner and watch a double feature.  We started with Dear Ex and even though we were having technical difficulties with the subtitles (sometimes they would flash by in the blink of an eye and sometimes they wouldn’t even come up at all!), I thought this movie was wonderful.  Such a beautiful portrait of pain and love all rolled together.  And I thought the cast gave outstanding performances.

We made Ponzu Roasted Salmon for dinner and even though Bon Appetit is always asking us to plate things in weird (usually hand-torn) ways, we LOVED this meal!  As a true lover of all things ginger and citrus, I wanted to straight up drink the ponzu sauce.  So good!  Our second feature was Drive and look, I love Ryan Gosling, Carrie Muligan and Oscar Isaac but that movie is bad.  Sorry, not sorry!


Saturday started with our go-to recipe for whole wheat pancakes and ended with the Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts, but in between, I made banana bread, we hit not one but two open houses (the houses were amazing, but the circumstances around them were not), I went for an eye exam and we grabbed burgers with my mom, sister and Wayne ♥  As for the doc shorts, I really liked them this year!  If you’ve never heard of Resignation Syndrome (I hadn’t!), please look it up or, better yet, watch Life Overtakes Me on Netflix.  It was crazy!  Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl) was our (and the Academy’s) favorite though.  It was surprisingly uplifting for a documentary that takes place in Afghanistan.


I think I’ve spoken enough about Sunday, but please know we woke up to MORE snow, so we ditched our dining out plans and made breakfast at home.  I am very into a soft scramble with goat cheese right now and hey look, the banana bread I made on Saturday made an appearance on my plate!  Also made lunch salads for the week while Joey cleaned the $#%& out of the bathroom and then I did a self-led yoga class while he worked.  I never even left the house!

Now please excuse me while I go watch that clip of Bong Joon-Ho giggling at his Oscar statuette 😛