Weekend Things: Winter Olympics Are Here!

If you didn’t stay home to eat pasta in your pajamas while watching the Opening Ceremony,

If you didn’t start Saturday with zero knowledge of the men’s slopestyle competitors then found yourself cheering on Red Gerard and saying things like “hold on, I’m trying to watch McMorris’s run” like you’re a slopestyle expert,

If you didn’t feel chills watching Adam Rippon finish his program or seeing Mirai Nagasu land her triple axel,

If you aren’t considering taking a two week leave of absence from work and going nocturnal so you don’t miss a single second of Olympic excitement,

We probably can’t be friends anymore.  Or we can, but not until February 26th.  Because even though Summer Olympics are my real jam and I tweeted that my Winter Olympic enthusiasm felt low this year, here I am, FULLY INTO IT.  It takes so little to get there, doesn’t it? 🙂


I’ve been itching to be out of the house on Friday nights but there was NO WAY I was missing that Opening Ceremony!  Plus Pasta Plans™ meant staying in and not gonna lie, it was a nice change of pace.  I rate this Butternut Squash Baked Pasta a 10/10 and the Opening Ceremony slightly lower but only because I compare all Opening Ceremonies to London’s so anything less than the Spice Girls,* Mr. Bean and James Bond arriving with The Queen is bound to be a disappointment.  Biggest takeaway: Team USA is very very good looking.

*I just looked it up and the Spice Girls were actually part of the Closing Ceremony, but whatever!


It was all snowy and cold on Saturday so we started slow, with pancakes, Top Chef and men’s slopestyle qualifications then braved the weather to go see The Post and yeah, it’s probably not Tom Hank’s most inspired role and it’s sort of distracting to see a bunch of well-known actors popping up all over, but I found the story FASCINATING and I know we’re all “Meryl again?!” when Oscar nominations come out every year, but she’s pretty incredible and her portrayal of Katharine Graham was so compelling.

Spent the rest of the day hibernating — oh the irony of watching super active athletes perform while you don’t move from your couch for hours — then pulled out pasta leftovers and some (possibly old) wine that I blame for my falling asleep on Joey midway through the Knierims’ performance (what is wrong with me?!).


Sunday was a perfect day that started at this new coffee shop, which I immediately fell in love with!  Yes, they were playing The Head and The Heart inside and no, I didn’t love the coffee — I feel like something weird happened with our French Press because if I closed my eyes, I could have sworn it was hot water — but most importantly, the staff was beyond friendly, the breakfast sandwiches were big and bold and delicious and it was the most beautifully cozy space to sit and read in ♥

Afterward, we took ourselves to the grocery store(s), got lunches made and I made red beans in preparation for Mardi Gras this week.  I know red beans are for Monday so I feel weird making them for Tuesday but let’s be real, red beans are good any day of the week!  Finished up meal prep with time to spare so I took myself to yoga and though I complained that it was too easy, I am SO SORE today.


Sunday ended with Joey making me our favorite Crispy Baked Asian Salmon plus seeing Jamie Anderson win gold and Team USA win bronze in figure skating and then we were in bed to read with lights out before 10 PM.  Help, we’re old and tired.  Will I even have the energy to stay up to watch all the Olympic fun for the next two weeks?!  Who knows!

Hope you had a good weekend and a wonderful Mardi Gras/National Pancake Day/Valentine’s Day this week 🙂

Weekend Things: Olympics, Rockies, Squash!

Okay, I think that post title pretty much sums it up.  My work here is done.

But in all seriousness, HI!  Happy Monday!  Did you have a good weekend?  Did you pick up ice cream on your way home on Friday? (YES!)  Did you watch the Opening Ceremony?  (I fell asleep in the middle of the Parade of Nations but woke up in time to see the lighting of the torch.)  Did you discover baby squash in your garden and almost cry? (No… but totally yes.)  Did you fit it all in and make it all happen? (Never, but what can you do?)


Remember how I said I’m my happiest version of my self in the summer?  I was wrong.  I’m my happiest version of myself when Summer Olympics roll around!  Don’t invite me anywhere for the next two weeks, I’m busy watching every single Olympic event my eyes can handle.  Carbed up with this bowl of pasta to watch the Opening Ceremony and OHMYGOD when Team USA came out ♥♥♥


Saturday was all kinds of busy but it ended with family night at the Rockies game.  My mom only asked me if we were going to Biker Jim’s for dinner before the game about six times last week.  So we hot-dogged then watched the Rockies crush the Marlins 12-6 and my mom wore that cute shirt I got her for her birthday and life was good.

IMG_3583 I was totally gonna wake up and go for a run on Sunday but then Joey was like “let’s go to Stowaway!” and I forgot all about that plan 🙂  But look at this!!!!  BABY SQUASH!!!!  Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini summer squash and the cutest patty pan I ever did see.  My mom asked me to send her a daily update on their growth and be careful what you wish for, Mom because you just might get an hourly update with how excited I am!


Ended Sunday with this bowl of summer, aka a grilled romaine, corn and shrimp salad, complete with an avocado-cilantro dressing and a cucumber straight from Lori’s garden!  And full disclosure: after eating this salad we made root beer floats with Not Your Father’s Root Beer, but we needed a treat to celebrate the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay win.

I think it’s gonna be a week of late nights, frenzied excitement and… Joey pretending our ottoman is the Olympic vault??  Don’t ask.  We’re a little crazed over here.  Have a good one!