Weekend Things

Summer ’17 comin on strong!  The GO-GO-GO pace of summer can be both thrilling and exhausting and I think I felt both this weekend.  It’s a bit of a roller coaster, but we just gotta ride it out and do our best to breathe it all in, right?

Started off the weekend with a Tiffany blue mani and when my gal asked me if I wanted to cut them down, my response was “not really!”  My nails haven’t been this long in forever!  Just gonna enjoy it while I can, aka till they all break, one by one.  It’s inevitable.

Friday night Rockies game and it was A) packed and B) only slightly less terrifying than the night before, but we won and that’s all that matters in the end.  Guys, sorry if you’re not here for my very important baseball talk, but we how fun are these 2017 Rockies?

Get this, Joey and I switched routines on Saturday so while I was watering our yard, he was inside making a bajillion buttermilk waffles and I could get used to walking into the kitchen to a mound of fresh and warm waffles on the counter.  He’s the very best and so was this breakfast.

Biked to the Farmers’ Market afterwards and I think every child in Denver was running around in the fountains at Union Station.  Hooked ourselves up with some garlic scapes (!!!), snap peas, little cucs, tomatoes and best of all, Rainier cherries!  Apparently, this was the last week for Rainiers and whoa, they are SO SWEET AND GOOD.

I feel weird posting a picture of my vegetarian friend and steak tacos together…

I headed out for a facial that afternoon and when I got back, Joey had hit the grocery store and was food prepping like his life depended on it or, you know, like he thought he was me 🙂  It was kind of the cutest.  I joined in on the fun and we knocked out lunch for the week (jalapeño ranch FTW!), curry paste for later in the week and salsa for those steak tacos we ate for dinner at 9 PM like carefree summertime people.

After all that, we headed to RiNo to meet up with Jenn for a little birthday celebrating.  How amazing is the River North neighborhood lately?  There is no shortage of amazing places to eat and drink and everyone hanging out there seems to be just as enthusiastic about it all.  P.S. Jenn and I just introduce ourselves as
sisters now and no one even bats an eye.  I ♥ her the most!


Father’s Day/Belle’s Birthday was Sunday!  I woke up and went on a run (bringing back the weekend 5-miler and it felt so gooood), then got myself together and headed to my brother & sister-in-law’s for the celebration.  Just two dads looking very related in their matching outfits and hanging out by the grill.  And would you look at my cutie pie niece?!  She’s six and I’m like “when did that happen??”  Totally ate some of that ice cream cake and didn’t regret it for a second.


Joey had spent the day with his dad, so we met up in our backyard for some hammock hanging and garden inspecting.  DO YOU SEE THAT BABY BASIL?  It’s too cute and I can hardly handle it.  Please know I keep sticking my face really close to the dirt so I can smell that basil-y fragrance.  It’s totally there!  Our flower garden is still alive and kicking it too.

Rounded out the weekend with some Sunday night TV veg time and reading in bed.  Joey mentioned that his day involved just a little too much sun and food and heat and it was making him feel a little drained and I was like ain’t that the definition of summer though!  Felt so good to have a little quiet time at the end of it all.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Things


Friday breakfast date on the patio at Port Side.

Co-worker birthday treats.  Got a request that it be a healthy treat, so strawbs and dark chocolate peanut butter it was!

Ditching work early to go grocery shopping, as one does.  Right?…

Repeating “they’re shishito peppers” to the cashier at least 10 times.

Pizza, beer and best friend time with Josh and Hannah (WHO IS NOW A REGISTERED NURSE!!!!!).

Little Man, because if your BFFs have never been, it’s your duty to show them the way.

Saturday breakfast in the backyard followed by a bike ride to the Farmers’ Market, a new summer ritual that I’m madly in love with.

Family picnic at City Park for my niece’s birthday.  SHE’S FIVE — when did that happen?!

Backyard beers + outdoor movie night = my heart is so happy!

Sunday morning run, followed by iced coffee and lots of reading on my porch swing.

Father’s Day lunch & my third Gose of the weekend  — don’t judge!

Food prep for the week (iced coffee, pickled veggies, “Power Salads,” the best slider buns), before GoT and all the fist pumping I did through the entire thing.  That episode was maybe a little predictable but also SO SO SATISFYING. 




Little Man’s got pride!


It’s official — Space Junky is tied with Salted Oreo for best flavor ever at Little Man.


You didn’t think I’d waste all the bottoms of the strawberries from Friday, did you??








Def did not wake up at 2 AM to strain this iced coffee.


Bánh Mì sliders coming later this week!

So now it’s Monday (sad face) but it’s also the first (official) day of summer (MAJOR HAPPY FACE) and this weekend was a good (albeit HOT) one, so no complaints from this girl.  Plus I’ve got a hair appointment, yoga, planter box preparations, Big Brother (!!!) and happy hour plans with my mother-in-law on the agenda for this week.  Gonna be a good one ♥