Weekend Things

What a weekend of nothing and everything at the same time. I only say that because we are really slowing down on house decorating and baby prepping, so I found myself… bored?? But then again, there were some real highlights too. My sis came over to give me a mani/pedi and ended up getting a job offer while she was here!!! We had an outdoor movie night with Lori! And it turns out nesting is born of boredom, so we spent Sunday cleaning and I made us some peach cobbler ❤

Like everyone else, Joey and I were so saddened to hear the news of Chadwick Boseman’s passing. He was far too young. I once listened to his interview on the Hollywood Reporter podcast and was just so impressed by his commitment to all of his roles. He clearly understood how important and meaningful they were and wasn’t going to take on any portrayal without giving it his all. What a hero he was.

I feel so lucky to have a little sis who will come do my nails for me! They look so so good! After she got her job offer, we celebrated by ordering ramen from Uncle. I am so excited and happy for her!

We woke up Saturday and made ricotta pancakes. It’s a real toss up for best ever pancake between buttermilk and ricotta, but luckily we don’t have to choose. These were sooooo good! We unfortunately had a foreman pass away last week, so Joey headed out to a memorial lunch that afternoon and I parked it in the nursery rocking chair to read for a bit.

Who knows how we passed the rest of the afternoon, but that night, we had Lori over for Illegal Pete’s and then we set up the projector just as it started raining?? Luckily, it passed pretty quickly and we were able to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which Joey and I saw in theaters but not since. I still really loved it! Also it was really nice to just visit with Lori and show her the nursery ❤

And here’s Sunday by meal? In between, Joey was really going for it on the cleaning of the house and I was lounging about but then I got a burst of energy and made cobbler then deep cleaned the kitchen. We made grilled chimichurri portobellos with goat cheese mashed potatoes for dinner and YUM! My mom texted my sister and I to ask if anyone was watching the VMAs but duh, Mom, BTS was performing! I thought we had outgrown the VMAs years ago, but I actually felt like we knew most of those performers and winners, so I guess we’re getting younger now! I actually thought those remote or pre-recorded performances were great (Lady Gaga forever)! But you know who I thought was best 🧨😋

Please tell me what you did this weekend!

Weekend Things

Good news! We had our house inspection on Thursday and nothing major or deal-breaking came up. And Joey officially closed on the house he was selling on Friday. In other words, moving right along. I couldn’t be happier. In other news, this weekend has been a good one. Actually, Joey has been at the office for most of it (making up for time missed doing house stuff this week and holding two fantasy football drafts), but we’ve been making good use of our nights for fun stuff.

On Friday, my family went to Red Rocks for “1964 the Tribute,” which is a Beatles tribute show. I figure I’m never going to see the actual Beatles in concert, so this is the next best thing. We had a car picnic in the parking lot then headed into the amphitheater for the show. The band had the Beatle mannerisms down.


Please excuse the poor quality and size of this photo. Trust me, it only gets grainier the bigger I make it.

They sang a lot of their older songs, stuff the Beatles actually would have been performing while they were touring. I’d been hoping to hear a lot more of their later stuff but now I understand it was all for authenticity’s sake. Mom even taught me some old school dance moves like “the mashed potato” and “the hitchhiker.” Hilarious!


How cool does the moon look in this photo?

On Saturday morning I went on a 5 mile run and was so proud of myself. That’s far for me these days. I’m kinda sorta thinking about signing up for a 15K (that’s 9.3 miles) in October so I thought I’d test the waters with a run that was longer than the 2-3 mile runs I’ve been going on lately. I felt pretty good on the 5th mile (it was my fastest!) but the thought of running 4.3 more miles terrifies me. I also started packing up our apartment. Our bedroom walls are looking so bare! Then I took a break to make some zucchini mini muffins.


They came out great! I only know this after waking up at 1:30 AM, going into the kitchen for a glass of water and deciding what the hell, might as well eat a mini muffin too. That’s a normal thing to do, right? Anyways, we decided to head into Denver for dinner on Saturday night and ended up at Ace, the sister restaurant of Steuben’s and Vesta Dipping Grill and the only one we hadn’t been to. Yelp reviews weren’t the best but I’ve decided that people who give bad Yelp reviews just didn’t have enough beer with their dinner.


We clearly did, so we loved it. Joey thought the ambiance and outdoor bar was way cooler than the set up at either Steuben’s or Vesta. I thought the two steamed buns with choice of side for $8 was way cooler than the prices at either Steuben’s or Vesta 😛 I tried kimchi for the first time and my tastebuds were blown away! It’s like sauerkraut on steroids. My mouth was on fire but I couldn’t stop eating it. I need help.


Afterwards, we drove by our house and our future neighbors were having a giant party in the front yard with a bouncy castle. Now we’re wondering if that’s a regular weekend occurrence. Sunday involved sleeping in for what felt like the first time in forever and pancakes. And good news, I had just enough time between pancakes and yoga to pin a billion house-related things.


Anyways, the real highlight of Sunday was a Farm to Table Dinner at Whole Foods with my family. I know, you probably thought it was Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMAs, but you’re wrong. They had some tables and tents set up outside and for $10 we got a huge spread of locally sourced food, including bratwurst on a pretzel bun. Guys, a PRETZEL BUN. Oh and beer (yes, more beer) from my hometown. Louisville pride!


Plus a real life Chopped competition. These two WF team members were given Hatch green chiles, Swiss chard, chocolate, bison skirt steak, peaches and red quinoa. Honestly, both of their plates looked really tasty! My mom and I stood up near the contestants for 10 minutes and tried to come up with our own creations. Then we both decided we’d rather just follow a recipe that someone else already created.


Before we left, I ran inside with my sister to replenish my chocolate supply and had to buy this little Venus Flytrap for my office. Plus a mini orchid, so cute! Now we are parked on the couch watching the VMAs. I am actually mortified for Miley. What was she doing?! But I know JT and Nysnc are coming up so I’m bursting with excitement. On Saturday morning I watched One Direction’s performance on the Today Show and all those crazy crying and screaming girls totally reminded me of Nsync in the 90’s. Ah, how I missed them.


Did you watch the VMAs?

What would you have done with those “basket ingredients”?

What did you do this weekend?