Weekend Things

I maybe took hold of Joey by both arms and told him “I know we’ve both had a lot of caffeine, but let’s FOCUS!” at the grocery store on Saturday and I may have complained that my quiche wasn’t seasoned enough on Sunday, but those are the only imperfect moments I can recall from the entire weekend.  I don’t know what’s got into me, but I’m really loving December this year!  Here are some of the happy moments we encountered.


Every Friday seems to be a question of “Go see a movie?  Or stay in and cook?”  The latter felt right this week, so we made chickpea sliders and watched a Christmas double feature of White Christmas and The Santa Clause.  Bing Crosby, I know, I know, but how great is Danny Kaye?!  Joey fell asleep like ten minutes into The Santa Clause, but Andi and I enjoyed watching it ūüėõ


Saturday morning, we dropped our doggy off at the vet for a fun day of shots, blood work and a “pedicure” then took ourselves to a new coffee shop nearby for a seasonal latte (sweet potato & torched marshmallow is as good as it sounds!) and some reading.  Aforementioned grocery shopping occurred afterward.  I was all set to have them delivered to us on Sunday but we had the time and energy and as convenient as delivery is, it also means entrusting avocado selection to a total stranger.


I had a 2 PM massage with my mama and it was the best because I hadn’t seen her in two weeks that felt like two months.  I was smart enough to pack myself a post-massage snack so I didn’t feel starved and rushed to get home, which made for an oddly relaxed wait at the car wash and drive home in Broncos traffic.

We made pasta for dinner!!!  We hadn’t pulled out the pasta attachment since March, so I was extra excited.  The whole process continues to be incredibly fun and honestly, relatively easy.  Used the noodles for alfredo with Brussels and it was incredibly good alongside The Holiday, which Joey has recently declared his favorite Christmas movie.  Made it through some of SNL and I laughed really hard at Matt Damon prancing around in that Westminster Daddy Show skit.


Our usual Sunday pancake programming was interrupted for egg sandwiches.  Mine looks like arugula on a bun but I assure you there was a soft but not runny egg — maybe told Joey “no pressure, but if you mess up that egg, it’ll ruin my morning” LOL) and some whipped feta leftover from Friday’s sliders on there too.  We finished SNL — I LOVED Miley’s performance of “Happy XMas (War Is Over)” and caught up on Top Chef, which I’m so very into, before I made salads for the week then went and picked us up lunch from Carbon.

The rest of the day involved yoga, making dinner, staring a puzzle at 8 PM on a Sunday night (???) and getting into bed to read.


Happy Monday from this cute Mr. Bingle ornament my aunt sent me ‚ô•

Christmas Things

A Christmas Story: The Musical. ¬†Birthday celebrations and holiday-themed trivia with the family. ¬†Cookie baking and¬†White Christmas. ¬†THREE batches of hummus (don’t even ask…). ¬†Christmas Eve biscuit breakfast. ¬†The Big Short. ¬†Hors d’oeuvres, cranberry martinis, toys galore. ¬†Beef stew, White Elephant and family puzzle time. ¬†SNOW! ¬†Christmas morning pancakes,¬†Love Actually, exchanging presents with the best husband ever. ¬†Brussels sprouts with ALL the bacon, a house full of family, finally finishing that damn puzzle. ¬†Getting completely spoiled by my mother (I cried, for real!). ¬†Prime rib, Moscow Mules, a selfie stick and Scrooged. ¬†A lazy Saturday, conveyor belt sushi,¬†Carol. ¬†Black-eyed peas in my new Dutch oven and the most beautiful pair of boots. ¬†So much love, happiness and family in one weekend. ¬†I’m so lucky ūüôā






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