Odds & Ends, Take 1


You know when you’ve been reading a book and the thoughts in your own head start to take on the same format/style as the book?

The thoughts in my head automatically format themselves into blog posts. This is totally normal, right? Anyways, I thought of a great opening line the other day, didn’t write it down and completely forgot it. I’ve been spending the past 3 days trying to remember what it was. To no avail. Oh well, it was probably just something about socks. But don’t worry, I’m saving that for another post!

Last week I was lamenting the disappearance of warm weather and claiming I wasn’t “in the spirit.” Then I woke up to this on Thursday and was all “THANKSGIVING!!!” and “How early is too early for Christmas music?” I’m hoping it’s just a fluke.

Jenn and I signed up for a race on December 1st. You know, when it could easily be snowing or freezing or both. This was a voluntary decision. It doesn’t get odder than that.

On Chipotle Thursday, I got chicken tacos and Joey got a steak bowl. Β It was the first time that either of us has ever ordered such combinations at Chipotle. Β Totally weird.

Is it normal to feel more rested by sleeping less?


Ended Monday with a basketball lesson.

Ended Tuesday with dinner OUTSIDE on the patio at Whole Foods. I had a Cuban on the softest ciabatta roll ever. Also, I’m now making any excuse to go into Boulder and pretend I’m still a college student.

Ended Wednesday at Old Chicago, where I sat in the middle of a live Fantasy Football draft. Someone please tell me Fantasy Football is just a fad that’s going to play out. I was obviously only there for the pizza and seasonal beer.

Ended Thursday with spaghetti and meatballs. There’s seriously nothing more comforting on a cold snowy night than spaghetti and meatballs.

Ended this week happy and ready for a good weekend.

Happy Friday!