Odds & Ends, Take 1


You know when you’ve been reading a book and the thoughts in your own head start to take on the same format/style as the book?

The thoughts in my head automatically format themselves into blog posts. This is totally normal, right? Anyways, I thought of a great opening line the other day, didn’t write it down and completely forgot it. I’ve been spending the past 3 days trying to remember what it was. To no avail. Oh well, it was probably just something about socks. But don’t worry, I’m saving that for another post!

Last week I was lamenting the disappearance of warm weather and claiming I wasn’t “in the spirit.” Then I woke up to this on Thursday and was all “THANKSGIVING!!!” and “How early is too early for Christmas music?” I’m hoping it’s just a fluke.

Jenn and I signed up for a race on December 1st. You know, when it could easily be snowing or freezing or both. This was a voluntary decision. It doesn’t get odder than that.

On Chipotle Thursday, I got chicken tacos and Joey got a steak bowl.  It was the first time that either of us has ever ordered such combinations at Chipotle.  Totally weird.

Is it normal to feel more rested by sleeping less?


Ended Monday with a basketball lesson.

Ended Tuesday with dinner OUTSIDE on the patio at Whole Foods. I had a Cuban on the softest ciabatta roll ever. Also, I’m now making any excuse to go into Boulder and pretend I’m still a college student.

Ended Wednesday at Old Chicago, where I sat in the middle of a live Fantasy Football draft. Someone please tell me Fantasy Football is just a fad that’s going to play out. I was obviously only there for the pizza and seasonal beer.

Ended Thursday with spaghetti and meatballs. There’s seriously nothing more comforting on a cold snowy night than spaghetti and meatballs.

Ended this week happy and ready for a good weekend.

Happy Friday!