Weekend Things & 5 Movies I Haven’t Seen

Hello and happy Sunday!

I hope yours is off to a good start.  I woke up early and already tackled pancakes, an outdoor run and 4 episodes of Parenthood.  Why is it that I complain about being tired all week and then the weekend comes I suddenly can’t sleep in to save my life?  C’est la vie.

As for the rest of this weekend, it was low key but satisfying.  I decided to start it a day early by going to happy hour at the Med with Hannah on Thursday evening.


We basically ate a bunch of delicious food (hello, bacon-wrapped dates!), drank sangria and talked about all the fun we’re going to have on our Vegas trip.  We’re SO excited!

Friday night was spent at trivia, where Joey and I finished the first round with a perfect score and somehow had zero points by the end of the night.  Zero.  


I guess our team name turned out to be true.  Who knows the exact year John Candy died anyways?!

On Saturday, I woke up early again (go figure), and spent the rest of the day reading, getting a much needed massage, getting my workout on and bypassing everyone who was waiting the full 50-60 minutes for a dinner table, by snagging two seats at the pizza bar when we headed out to dinner.


We sat in front of the kitchen and got to see all the craziness that goes on on a busy night.  I watched a guy bend beneath the counter and stuff an entire plate of food in his mouth in about 30 seconds, then turn around and go back to work.  Is that allowed?!

Then we came home and watched a movie.


Joey’s brother just moved and decided he didn’t want to deal with transporting his very extensive movie collection, so he took his favorites and offered the rest up to us.  Joey narrowed it down to about 100 movies last night and I’m “not allowed to saying anything, because it’s only the first cut,” so instead we just looked through them to decide what to watch that night.

Turns out there are a few “classics” I hadn’t seen in that pile.  Movies that I know are good, I know other people like and that I’ve always meant to watch, but just haven’t yet.  Movies like…

1. Saving Private Ryan

It’s not that I’m a huge war movie watcher or that I even know what the story is, but I find history really fascinating and I’ve heard that this movie is such a realistic depiction of WWII that I feel I need to see it.  Plus.  Tom Hanks.  Nuff said.

2. The Godfather

I was watching another Tom Hanks movie last weekend and he kept quoting The Godfather (name that movie!!) and I found myself wondering why I’d never seen it.  I feel like there’s so many Godfather references in other movies/shows that I should see the original source of all those references.  But then again, it just seems so boring…

3. V for Vendetta

What is this movie even about??  I think I’ve seen bits and pieces and have just thought “what is going on?!”  I must have missed out on the period in high school when everyone was into this movie.  I was probably watching more enlightening things like Anchorman.  Don’t judge me. 

4. The Indiana Jones Series

But I’ve ridden the Disneyland ride enough times to feel like I’ve seen them all.  And actually, I’ve seen the most recent one, but there were aliens so I don’t know if that movie actually counts.  It might be nice to see the others though.  How many are there again?

5. Almost Famous

But wait, this is what we ended up watching last night, so I can cross it off my list!  And why had I never seen this?  I thought it was great.  The soundtrack was awesome (how could a movie about music not be?) and I didn’t even hate Kate Hudson, even though she always looks perfect and goes by the name Penny Lane.  Plus, Rain Wilson, Jimmy Fallon and Zooey Deschanel?  If I had known, I would have seen it sooner.  Oh, and the scene where they think their plane is about to go down?  Brilliant!  


What “classic” or popular movies haven’t you seen?

What year did John Candy die?

Do you or have you ever worked at a busy restaurant?


8 thoughts on “Weekend Things & 5 Movies I Haven’t Seen

  1. I haven’t seen any of the Star Wars movies…or Jurassic Park. I don’t think I’ve seen any Indiana Jones movies either! Jason made me watch The Godfather a couple years ago and it was AWESOME. So much Italian gangster drama and unnecessary violence. It is a long movie though.

    • Well, wow that actually made me want to watch the Godfather. I guess we’ll keep those long enough for me to see them before we decide to keep them or not.

  2. Ooh ooh! Where did you have pizza? I want pizza! Also, are you liking The Bell Jar? I wanted to like it really badly, but didn’t. Maybe I should give it another shot and reread it though…

    • We were only at Carrabba’s and didn’t actually order pizza but I can vouch that their pizza is good! As for the Bell Jar, it’s the book that made me become an English major so I guess you could say I like it 🙂

  3. My popular movie list is probably too long to list. Somehow I’ve missed a LOT of mainstream movies. Fight Club springs to the front at the moment only because we’re having t-shirts made at church that say “The first rule of choir practice is that you don’t talk about choir practice.” I’m actually amazed that I know the reference, but it’s absolutely the only thing I could tell you about the movie.

    As for John Candy, it was 1994. I was and am a huge John Candy fan. His last film — Canadian Bacon — is still one of my all time favorites, despite the fact that I’m not a Michael Moore fan. It’s just so goofy, and features some awesome, quotable lines. Couple in the fact that Niagara Falls is a place near and dear to my heart (I still point out places I know when I watch it) and the fact that sometimes I wonder if the truth of our political leadership is stranger than the fictional leadership of that movie, and it’s just a made for Chris kind of special.

    • Isn’t it funny how we seem to know popular movie references even if we’ve never seen the movie? I think I could name dozens. Joey and I were trying to figure out the John Candy question by first figuring out the last movie he was in but we had no idea what it was!

  4. Of those 5 movies I have only seen 2, Saving Private Ryan and Almost Famous. You have to watch Saving Private Ryan, such a good movie! Almost Famous is one of my favorites, good choice watching that! 🙂

    • I keep meaning to watch Saving Private Ryan but by the time I remember every night it’s late and I know that movie is SO long. Tonight might be the night though!

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