Super Bowl Weekend Things

This will probably come as a huge shock to anyone who knows how much I don’t care about football, but I love the Super Bowl.

Not because of the actual game.  On Saturday night I had to ask Joey who was even playing.  But more because of the commercials and the food and the beer and the Beyonce.


But the whole weekend in general was pretty good.  There was a lot of party prep going on, which I was totally okay with.  Except the part where I spent a couple hours in the kitchen, making Jell-O shots and chili and washing dishes and my back felt like it was going to break.  I will never be a professional chef.

I was in a spring cleaning mood on Saturday.  Wait, it isn’t spring yet?


For years, a giant pile of torn out Cooking Light recipes has been floating about at my parents’ place and on Saturday morning, I sipped a cup of hot tea, watched a new episode of the Pioneer Woman and ripped out all the bookmarked CL recipes I had.  I am my mother.

I also cleaned out and shined up all my jewelry.  So exciting!


What I don’t have pictures of, but did occur, was some beautiful Colorado weather and an outdoor run.  I basically thought I was going to die as I ran up the final hill back to my apartment but I was proud of myself when it was all said and done.


This weird snack plate made it into my mouth at some point, between cutting onions for chili and mixing gelatin with condensed milk for Jell-O shots.  And I coerced Joey and my family to go out for burgers on Saturday night.  Weird how Larkburger happened to be right next to Smart Cow.


Oh.  And I finally watched Saving Private Ryan.  I thought it was really good but it was definitely one of those highly-acclaimed award-winning movies that you see once and then never really need to see again.  Those just aren’t the kinds of movies I like to re-watch.

As for the game.


We had lots of chili.


And lots of Jell-O.  I think we still ran out before half time.


And our chili bar rocked.  Frito pies, chili mac, chili dogs, chili cheese fries, nachos and toppings galore.  I think Jenn and I were the only ones to eat my veggie chili and I don’t even care because that just means I get all the leftovers.  Also, I accepted a million compliments on the chili Joey actually made.  Whatever.


And guys!  Beyonce?!  Come. On.  I don’t even know what to say except…FIERCE!  If you ask me, she was the clear winner of the game.

So what I’m really trying to say is, I had a good Super Bowl weekend and I hope you did too!


What did you do for the Super Bowl?

What was the non-football-related highlight of your weekend?

Best Super Bowl commercial??  As usual, it’s too loud and I’m too distracted to fully pay attention to any of them, so I have to go back later and re-watch them all.