10 Oscar Predictions

Did you know, as of this very month, the Academy Awards have been “re-branded” as The Oscars?  I had no idea!  Moving on.


10 Academy Award Oscar Predictions:

1. Seth MacFarlane will actually be a really funny host.  Totally basing this on his hilarious SNL hosting performance.  Funny or not, I’ll probably just be thinking that he looks like Peter Brady the whole time.

2.  Someone will wear/do something that we all talk about/make fun of for days.  Hey Angelina Jolie, we’re still laughing at your awkward leg pose from last year.  Or I am at least.


3. I will finally know how to pronounce Quvenzhané.  As in Quvenzhané Wallis.  As if I needed to clarify that, because Quvenzhané is such a common name, ya know?

4.  Anna Karenina will get no Academy Award love.  And I will be bitter and resentful about it.  Loved that movie.

5. I will not recognize a single movie in any of the short, documentary or foreign language categories.  Will someone who watches these please tell me if I’m missing out.


6. The In Memoriam segment will be long.  I won’t know 80% of the people being recognized.  Despite all this, it will be moving and beautifully done.  As always.

7. Adele will win for Original Song and be totally shocked because she has still, even after all the Grammys and the Golden Globes and the screams of adoring fans, yet to realize how amazing and loved she is by anyone with a pair of working ears.


8.  No one’s speech will be as funny as any of the speeches given at the Golden Globes.  You know, because everyone will be sober instead of drinking at their table all night long.  How boring.

9. Daniel Day-Lewis will win for Best Actor.  Totally going out on a limb with this one because he hasn’t really won for anything else.  Sarcasm.

10. Argo will pull the rug out from under Lincoln and win Best Picture.  Actually, I’m not sure if that’s what I predict will happen or if that’s what I want to happen.  If Ben Affleck is going to get snubbed as director, the least the Academy could do is give the win to his movie.



Will you be watching the Oscars tomorrow?

How many of the Best Picture nominated movies did you see?

What are your Oscar predictions?


Snowy Wednesday Evening Thoughts

Guys, I’m getting really creative with these blog post titles, aren’t I?!

Anyways, it’s Wednesday evening, it’s snowing and I maybe totally skipped my workout to bake cookies, drink beer and eat homemade potato soup.  To be fair, I had a headache and I was hungry so it wasn’t going to be a good workout even if I hadn’t skipped out.  I’m sure it was the right decision because I’m suddenly feeling inspired to write a post made of long-winded numbered points.


Cookie-fueled writing inspiration>runner’s high.  Sometimes at least.

Please enjoy previously mentioned long-winded numbered point section.

1.  Like I said, there was homemade potato soup on the menu tonight.  This soup, to be exact.  It is not the first time we’ve made it.  It is delicious.  Joey has decided to adapt it into “our favorite soup recipe ever” and has been talking about how to do this all.night.long.  Help.

2. I bought the Alabama Shakes CD aaaaaand, that is some soul music!  It’s a little bit Adele and it’s a little bit Amy Winehouse, but then it’s its own unique thing too.  I’m not quite sure, but I think I really like it.

3. Cookies.  From a box.  That I found in the very very back of my baking shelf.  And might be over a year old.  But taste amazing!

4. We’re completely caught up on Parenthood and for the two days before we started another TV series, my life felt so empty and meaningless.  We have since started Six Feet Under.  I had no idea Peter Krause was in this show too.  I’m not sold just yet but I have high hopes (and a bunch of 10/10 ratings on IMDB) that assure me I’ll love it.

5. Are you aware of how much a quality Dutch oven or cast-iron skillet costs??  Don’t even look.

6. This is exactly how I feel about the Harlem Shake.

7. Joey had flowers delivered to me on Valentine’s Day and they were… a little worse for the wear.  One angry phone call and three days later, new flowers were delivered.  They look much better.

8. I’ve had that “is my throat dry or sore?” feeling since Saturday and I’m trying my hardest to convince myself it’s the former.  Although if it does end up being a cold, I’ll continue to live like a normal person instead of acting like it’s the end of the world, because I’m a female and that’s what we do.

9. I told my sister I would read over her paper on Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” and I was all too excited to read the original story first.  How awesome is Poe?  Did you know he also wrote detective stories?  Guesses on how many times I will offer to take my sister’s lit class for her before the semester is over.

10. Is it Friday yet?  My nephew’s birthday party, dinner in Denver for Denver Restaurant Week, hopefully some beer brewing and the Academy Awards this weekend!  Someone’s psyched and that someone is me.


What’s going on in your life?

What’s the last album you bought?

All-time favorite TV show?