Mellow Weekend Things

As you may have guessed, things were pretty mellow around here this weekend. Joey started feeling sick Thursday night after bowling (um yeah, my bowling skills make me feel sick too) and came down with a full blown fever on Friday morning. I ended up driving him home at noon so he could plant himself on the couch and stay there until this morning when he suddenly felt 10x better.


Sadly, my idea of a fun Friday night is buying two new books and picking up pre-made sushi at Whole Foods. Was that sentence as painful for you to read as it was for me to write?


For years I’ve eaten at sushi restaurants and turned up my nose up at the ginger that comes along with the rolls until recently when I actually tried it. Turns out, I love that ginger. I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised since I also love lemon ginger tea, gingerberry kombucha and gingerbread of all kinds. Also, I am my father’s daughter and that man loves ginger.



Then Joey and I watched an oooold favorite of both of ours. Does anyone else know this movie? In high school, my friends and I watched this movie so many times we could probably recite the entire thing. But outside of our group I can’t really tell you anyone who even knew what this movie was until I met Joey and he could recite the entire thing too. Meant to be, right?



I meant to drag Joey to the Boulder Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning, but I ended up taking my sister instead. We ate egg sandwiches from Mod Market, sipped iced tea, bought a ton of fresh corn and basically roasted in the sun. I vowed to not go back until it’s fall and not 90 degrees.


Afterwards we dropped our produce off, laughed at my mom’s cilantro plant, then went to visit my parents who had a tent set up at the Louisville Farmers’ Market. I know, so much Farmers’ Marketing in one day. There was also a tent there selling shirts that said “Louisvillian” and “I don’t care if you’re Paleo” that I wanted to buy so bad.

We had plans to go to the annual BBQ bash our friends’ family hosts every summer but Joey still wasn’t 100% and right as we were getting ready to leave it POURED. And not like a little rain storm, like a full on flash flood. It was crazy! Staying in and ordering Chinese seemed like a better plan. Plus Joey and I are desperate to be the kind of people who order Chinese and eat it right out of the little white boxes. The food arrived 45 minutes later and was so not what I wanted. Chicken and broccoli should have a brown sauce, not a light colored one!!!! But I digress.


Apparently my mom and my sister go to breakfast then go shopping/run fun errands for the rest of the afternoon every Sunday. And don’t invite me! Rude. Anyways, I got an invite this week. We shared two omelettes and a stack of sourdough pancakes (the best!) then had my sister buy us stuff at Whole Foods with her employee discount. We know how to have fun.


Then I fiiinally made it to Sunday afternoon yoga. Somehow, my body still remembered how to do a downward dog. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. I felt so rejuvenated afterwards. Someone please remind me of this next time I go two months without making it to a single class. I came home and started a batch of iced coffee before rejuvenation turned into me desperately needing a nap.

And now I’m kind of wishing I had taken that nap. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


What did you do this weekend?

Do you have any weekend rituals?

Do you have a go-to Chinese dish?



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