Weekend Things

Oh hi. Remember me?

Joey and Josh headed to Texas this weekend for the Cowboys/Broncos game (Joey is a huge Cowboys fan and Josh is a huge Broncos fan so that should be interesting), and I’m not gonna lie, it felt so good to not feel the pressure to do any house/wedding-related work.  Don’t get me wrong, that kind of work is really fun, but I also tend to get stressed out pretty easily (everyone who knows me is probably laughing right now…) so the break has been nice.  Plus I’ve had a week-long headache…yeah, I wasn’t kidding about getting stressed out easily.

So instead of renovations and venue shopping, I’ve been spending the weekend relaxing.  Ah, so nice.  On Friday night, we went to Joey’s uncle’s birthday — his aunt was so genuinely happy about our engagement and I was so touched by it 🙂 — then headed to a local bar to check out a possible wedding band (okay, I guess we did do a little bit of wedding stuff).  Verdict: They ROCKED.  Now let’s hope they’re in our budget…

On Saturday I got a much needed massage (see above regarding week-long headache) then spent the evening with my fellow bride.  Guess what we talked about?!  We had an early dinner at True Food Kitchen (help, I’m obsessed with this not so cheap restaurant!) and kicked off the night with some fun cocktails.  Cucumber Martini for Hannah, Ginger Margarita for me.  I thought they were both delicious!


What we were really in the area for however, was Canvas & Cocktails!  Ugh, I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to do one of these classes.  If you’re not familiar, basically it’s a giant art class where they feed you wine and cocktails then walk you through painting a pre-designed picture.  It was SO FUN!  There were a ton of girls (and a few guys too) who were all singing, sipping wine and generally having a blast.

IMG_4894Doesn’t my yellow paint look exactly like a sports car?!

While I totally expected to be terrible at painting, the cool thing was that as complicated as the demo picture looked, it was really pretty simple and the coolest part was that there was so much room for personalization.  None of the paintings looked the same at the end of the class.  I think I’ll hang mine in my crawlspace.  Or, if you receive this for Christmas, you can assume I don’t like you.


Sunday started with a heavy dose of family time.  I hadn’t seen my brother & co. in so long!  My nephew is suddenly this calm well behaved boy and my niece is speaking.  When did this happen?!  Plus my mom and sister outdid themselves with this fabulously delicious breakfast.  French toast, roasted potatoes, fruit salad, coffee and cheesy bacon and veggie scrambled eggs.  I think all the food groups were covered in just one plate.


Afterwards, my headache started to pick up but I decided to head to yoga anyway and actually felt so much better afterwards.  A little me-time really did the trick I guess.  Plus this tasty snack was waiting for me back home afterwards.  I know the rest of Colorado is probably drinking beer and watching the Broncos game, but a green smoothie and some Property Brothers is more my style.

IMG_4904This week is going to be busy with a venue tour/menu tasting on Tuesday, a photography consultation on Wednesday and vacation on Thursday night.  We’re leaving for New Orleans and although the trip totally snuck up on me, I am so so excited to be there.  I’ve already heard that my aunt wants to take us to a brewery and yes, Aunt Tricia, that is totally fine with me!  Here’s to taking some of this weekend’s calm with me into the packed week ahead!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. Oh my gosh, I love Property Brothers…and well, pretty much any other show on HGTV! I’ve recently started hanging out in the breakroom at work a little longer when I go to use the microwave so I can catch some of Love it or List it…I’ll run back to my department to see if I have any orders for patients during the commercial breaks! Shhh! 😉

    That cucumber margarita sounds awesome! And yay for brunch! The man-friend and I went out for brunch today but it was less than stellar…heavy on the less part! I saw yours on Instagram after we got back and immediately wished I could teleport! Haha!

    Hope the head’s still feeling better…I swear yoga is the best for that! Oh and I LOVE your painting! I went to one of those studios once. It was so funny, while we were there, some girl accidentally dipped her paint brush in her neighbors cup of wine! And she wasn’t even drunk! Lol Oh and ps, I totally see the sports car!

    • Ugh, Love It or List It gets on my nerves so bad! I don’t think I could ever be on that show because I couldn’t pretend to be angry about everything!

  2. I know you must be stressed out! I was still in college when we got engaged and I pretty much drove myself insane wedding planning while like writing a thesis, working, bla bla…BUT the planning was so much fun! Tastings are the best part, have fun! 😀

    • I get the feeling you thrive in stressful situations 🙂 The tasting was SO fun! Although I don’t think the venue was all that thrilled that I brought 5 people along with me who also got to a free dinner…

  3. Crescent City Brewhouse in the French Quarter. Saturdays @ 2:00 Abita Brewery in Abita Springs has a free tasting/tour, and you can taste all of the beers they have on tap that day. It is on Northshore so it is a little drive. The tour is five minutes with a total tasting time of an hour so I would suggest to plan a few other activities if you travel to the Northshore.

    • I’ve actually been to Crescent City Brewhouse before!…And didn’t even order a beer. For shame! That seems like a pretty good reason to go back 🙂

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