Weekend Things

Oh hi. Remember me?

Joey and Josh headed to Texas this weekend for the Cowboys/Broncos game (Joey is a huge Cowboys fan and Josh is a huge Broncos fan so that should be interesting), and I’m not gonna lie, it felt so good to not feel the pressure to do any house/wedding-related work.  Don’t get me wrong, that kind of work is really fun, but I also tend to get stressed out pretty easily (everyone who knows me is probably laughing right now…) so the break has been nice.  Plus I’ve had a week-long headache…yeah, I wasn’t kidding about getting stressed out easily.

So instead of renovations and venue shopping, I’ve been spending the weekend relaxing.  Ah, so nice.  On Friday night, we went to Joey’s uncle’s birthday — his aunt was so genuinely happy about our engagement and I was so touched by it 🙂 — then headed to a local bar to check out a possible wedding band (okay, I guess we did do a little bit of wedding stuff).  Verdict: They ROCKED.  Now let’s hope they’re in our budget…

On Saturday I got a much needed massage (see above regarding week-long headache) then spent the evening with my fellow bride.  Guess what we talked about?!  We had an early dinner at True Food Kitchen (help, I’m obsessed with this not so cheap restaurant!) and kicked off the night with some fun cocktails.  Cucumber Martini for Hannah, Ginger Margarita for me.  I thought they were both delicious!


What we were really in the area for however, was Canvas & Cocktails!  Ugh, I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to do one of these classes.  If you’re not familiar, basically it’s a giant art class where they feed you wine and cocktails then walk you through painting a pre-designed picture.  It was SO FUN!  There were a ton of girls (and a few guys too) who were all singing, sipping wine and generally having a blast.

IMG_4894Doesn’t my yellow paint look exactly like a sports car?!

While I totally expected to be terrible at painting, the cool thing was that as complicated as the demo picture looked, it was really pretty simple and the coolest part was that there was so much room for personalization.  None of the paintings looked the same at the end of the class.  I think I’ll hang mine in my crawlspace.  Or, if you receive this for Christmas, you can assume I don’t like you.


Sunday started with a heavy dose of family time.  I hadn’t seen my brother & co. in so long!  My nephew is suddenly this calm well behaved boy and my niece is speaking.  When did this happen?!  Plus my mom and sister outdid themselves with this fabulously delicious breakfast.  French toast, roasted potatoes, fruit salad, coffee and cheesy bacon and veggie scrambled eggs.  I think all the food groups were covered in just one plate.


Afterwards, my headache started to pick up but I decided to head to yoga anyway and actually felt so much better afterwards.  A little me-time really did the trick I guess.  Plus this tasty snack was waiting for me back home afterwards.  I know the rest of Colorado is probably drinking beer and watching the Broncos game, but a green smoothie and some Property Brothers is more my style.

IMG_4904This week is going to be busy with a venue tour/menu tasting on Tuesday, a photography consultation on Wednesday and vacation on Thursday night.  We’re leaving for New Orleans and although the trip totally snuck up on me, I am so so excited to be there.  I’ve already heard that my aunt wants to take us to a brewery and yes, Aunt Tricia, that is totally fine with me!  Here’s to taking some of this weekend’s calm with me into the packed week ahead!

Weekend Things

We are having the weirdest spring weather here in Colorado.  Every time I think we’ve finally turned the corner into warm weather, we get a freak snow storm.  On Monday, a bunch of schools had already been cancelled for Tuesday.  We didn’t end up accumulating much at all, but it was definitely cold and I am definitely over it.

Which makes this week’s forecast really funny.


Or not funny at all.  On Saturday I was out in short sleeves.  Short sleeves!  We were looking forward to Rockies games on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but after seeing the forecast, we immediately cashed our tickets in for a few June games.  If it’s still snowing by then, I’m moving to New Orleans.  

But enough about the weather.

It has been an oddly relaxing yet productive weekend around here.  More and more, I am starting to like not having any real weekend plans, except the occasional dinner out or trip to the mall.  We started Friday out with an early dinner, then a movie and a trip to Old Chicago for drinks and the end of the Rockies game with Hannah and Josh.  In case you didn’t know, Jurassic Park is back in theaters.  Bigger (IMAX!), 3D-ier and way more expensive than you’ve ever seen it before.  I hadn’t seen that movie since I was a kid and guys, two words: Jeff Goldblum.


Well worth the $16, I tell ya.


To be honest, even though the movie is 20 years old and those two kids are genuinely annoying, Jurassic Park is a classic.  It’s got Steven Spielberg written all over  it and 20 years later, I was still on the edge of my seat through all those T-Rex and Velociraptor scenes.  How can you not love Jurassic Park?


Saturday involved lots of this, aka eating and lounging.  We also managed to get a run, a trip to the mall and grocery shopping in before settling down with beer and the Rockies game.  We watch a lot of Rockies games, okay?


We won, by the way 🙂

And then this happened.


Another movie I hadn’t seen in years!  I had no idea so many well-known actors were in it.  Actually, all I really remembered was that they cover some guy in concrete and drop him into the river.  And that always really freaked me out as a kid.  It was slightly less freaky as an “adult,” but I was distracted by all the odd-looking characters and exaggerated comic strip style of the movie.  Honestly, the movie was better than I’d remembered.  Probably because I actually know who all the bigger name actors are now.

Sunday involved a trip to the Cherry Creek mall, which even smells expensive.  I bought two shirts and two pairs of shorts, all at stores we also have at the mall 10 minutes from where we live, but driving into Denver is always more fun.  I also forced Joey to buy a new pair of sunglasses.  Making him spend money on clothing/accessories is like pulling teeth.  Yet he has no problem losing tons of money gambling…


He was due for a new pair after this happened on Saturday.


I mostly agreed to going into Cherry Creek so I could get lunch at some fancy Denver restaurant.  And that’s exactly what we did.  We did a little Yelp! research and headed to True Food Kitchen.  Where there was a 60-minute wait.  Luckily, high top tables were first come first serve and we were able to snag seats next to two girls, one of which was telling the other that she had someone she knew’s credit card and had been paying her rent with it….

I got a green juice.  A “Kale-Aid” to be exact.


It tasted like a Bloody Mary!  I think both Joey and I were happy because in addition to having green juices and tofu lettuce wraps on the menu, they also had burgers, pizza and lasagna.



Closed out the weekend with yoga and some Sunday night TV.  If I had a dime for every time I’ve watched the Amazing Race and said “that would be my nightmare!” I would be very very rich.  Hope you all had a fun weekend and Monday isn’t treating you too badly.


What’s your favorite clothing store?

Have you recently watched any movies you hadn’t seen in years?

Do you have a Sunday night TV lineup?