Wednesday Randoms

Hi everyone!  Give me just 5 minutes to vent and then I’ll resume telling normal happy life news, okay?

photo 2

If this picture doesn’t strike fear to your heart, you aren’t human.  Also, it’s normal to snap a picture during a dentist appointment, right?

I went to the dentist today.  I was there six months ago and my teeth were “perfect.”  Today, I have apparently developed gum disease.  Please tell me how I can go from perfect to gum disease in six months.  Coincidentally, Joey (who is really good about seeing the dentist every six months) got the same diagnosis about 2 months ago.  Conveniently for the dentist, treatment for this isn’t covered by our insurance, so that’s money straight from my pocket to theirs.  Afterwards, as I was waiting for the dentist to come do a final check, I heard them explaining to the guy across the hall that he had gum disease!  In other words, I’m not buying it and I’m never going back there again.

Okay, that’s it.  Phew.

photo 3

Please disregard my nickname for Joey and our extremely interesting work-related text messages going on behind this alert.

We booked a wedding venue!  It’s an old remodeled warehouse that was built in the 1800’s but is absolutely stunning now.  It’s big, open and bright inside, plus it’s got that cool urban thing going on.  Hilariously, when we showed up to look at the place, our friend/realtor and his fiancée were just leaving because they’re having their wedding there.  I could not believe it.  Anyways, they gave us their blessing to have the same venue.  I’m mostly relieved to have an answer to the question everyone keeps asking: “So when are you getting married?!”  Next September!


My sister burnt me a copy of Lorde’s CD, Pure Heroine, and I am loving it!  Joey likes to joke that I like any music my sister gives me and hate anything he gives me.  He’s kind of right, but I’m not going to admit that outloud 🙂  Anyways, the album has a really cool sound and every time I listen to it I wonder how it’s possible that’s she’s only 17.

photo 1

Note my incredibly sexy safety glasses.

We are finally getting an electrician over to our house to do some work.  Before we can do any remodeling, we really need the electrical work in our house moved around and we have been having thee hardest time getting someone to come over when they say they will.  My mom finally gave me a recommendation and so far he’s seemed on top of things.  But before he can do anything, he has to be able to get into the wall, so this happened on Monday night.  Joey has been dying to take this wall down, so as soon as our electrician gave us the go ahead, he was on it.  I wasn’t quite as excited about it…

photo 4

After my horrible dentist appointment, I finally made it into work and came across the Halloween station on iPhone Radio.  Yes please!  Things have been a little hectic lately so we haven’t had the time (or energy) to get into the Halloween spirit.  I took a neighborhood tour while out running yesterday evening and was so jealous of all the cute Halloween decorations outside the houses.  Maybe next year?  For now, I’ll stick to Halloween music for my festiveness.  I think my favorites have been “Monster Mash,” “Dead Man’s Party” and “Ghostbusters.”  Oh and I may have just gone into Joey’s office because “Time Warp” came on and I needed to do the dance real quick.  Help me!

And on that note, I think I’ll end this post with a simple Happy Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Randoms

  1. Aww, fall weddings are the best!! Congratulations on finding a venue and setting a date!

    That is NUTS about the dentist…gum disease? Really? Isn’t that something old people get?

    I have been meaning to pull out my Halloween decorations for three weeks…guess I’ll just be digging through the box for all the leafy Thankgiving-y stuff now! haha!

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