Weekend Things

I almost started this post yesterday, in which case, it was going to start with something like: I’m just going to say it — this weekend felt like spring!  But today it is cool and cloudy and windy as hell, so maybe it’s still winter.  Womp, womp.  But that little taste of spring — sunshine skies, warm temps, actual flowers popping up in our neighborhood — has me excited nonetheless.  And the spring preview made for the perfect backdrop this weekend, which I’m rolling out for you highlights style!

Ate All the Good Things!

Starting with happy hour at The Way Back on Friday — the ricotta gnudi was lifechanging, and to think we almost didn’t order it.  We may also have made a “Gnudi Magazine Day!” joke because we’re still children of the 90’s and Billy Madison is king.

Afterwards, ice cream at the new Sweet Cooie’s.  It’s an ice cream parlor straight from a Wes Anderson movie.  Which means everything is pastel, old-timey and somewhere between completely adorable and entirely creepy.  I dug the vibe and my peanut butter Oreo ice cream.

Best of all, my mom cooked us breakfast on Sunday and everything was so so good!  My mom and I are totally on the same page about chilaquiles.  She sent me over the recipe and I see breakfast for dinner in my near future.



Why can’t the light be this good in my house??

Had All the Mom-Time!

Not only did she feed me the best meal but she gave me a massage on Saturday and we took a little mother-daughter trip to Home Depot post-breakfast feast on Sunday.  I was singing a little “I get to see my Mama on Sunday!” song in the car on Friday and Joey made fun of me then reminded me that I actually got to see her on Saturday too.

Bonus: I also got to see my little sissy, a sunshine-seeking pup and that gorgeous pot rack/new set of pots my mom just got.  Joey hung it and then we spent something like 20 minutes arranging them JUST SO.  Worth it!


How crazy cool are those lids??

Watched All the Good Movies!

Friday: Sing Street — we loved it so much, because: Irish accents!  Catchy 80’s-style songs!  A cute feel good story line!  And just to give it some validity, Aidan Gillen is totally in it.  I think it’s the first role I’ve seen him in where he speaks with his actual accent.  Also, I like all the songs more than anything in La La Land, so there’s that.

Saturday: Tallulah.  Joey picked this one for us and he chose well!  We felt like something was off/missing but couldn’t place exactly what it was.  Also, I pointed out that this is the second movie Ellen Page and Allison Janney star in together.  They make a good team.

Sunday: The Fundamentals of Caring.  I’ll pretty much agree to watch anything with Paul Rudd in it.  Joey also picked this one for us and I guess I’m just going to let him pick every movie we watch from now on because he was three for three this weekend!  I think my favorite part was Paul Rudd saying “I’m getting a patty melt, I don’t give a shit!”

Did All the Relaxing!

I forwent formal exercise this weekend, in exchange for warm weather walks, backyard hanging and lots of reading time.  Felt good, felt right.  Joey spent some time working on the drywall in our living room so I set myself up on the couch, just on the other side of his homemade dust barrier and dug into my book.  I’ve got about 100 pages left of The Eyre Affair and I really really like it!  As an English major who took courses on Shakespeare, Victorian literature and detective fiction, I feel like this book really gets me on so many levels.  Plus, I just love a badass female main character  🙂


What did you do this weekend??

Weekend Things

When it’s Friday and your dinner plans got cancelled, so you’re driving home and straight into the Freekend — that’s a word I just made up to describe a weekend without any plans, commitments or obligations — then all is right in the world.


Joey and I seriously debated still going out to dinner, but then the idea of cooking ourselves some fettuccine, cracking open a bomber to share, renting a movie and most importantly, doing all of that IN OUR PAJAMAS sounded much much better.  Help, we’re young but we’re old.  I really wanted to love Hell or High Water but it mostly felt like we missed the first hour of the movie.  Some backstory really would’ve helped.  But let Chris Pine look like the rough and tumble Cowboy type for the rest of forever, please.


Saturday was completely without plans so we started it with waffles, naturally.  Not gonna lie, I have a habit of taking a day without plans and ruining it by feeling like I need to be mega-productive or wasting the entire day by being indecisive about what to actually fill it with, but I’m enjoying a laid back moment in life, so I just let the day unfold at its own pace.  Which means we ended up going for a run, picking up lunch, hitting the grocery store and… finally finishing up our room project!  Joey got all the cracks patched, sanded and textured so we could paint, clean up the dust and get our wedding photo back up on the wall.  It’s probably not THAT big of a change, but every time I walk into our room, I’m delighted to see everything all fixed up!


Sunday started with breakfast at Revelry with my parents.  I was impressed the first time we tried the place, but much less impressed this time around.  I wasn’t getting any warm and fuzzy feelings from our waitress and after talking up the chilaquiles to my mom, she was served something much different from what I’d been served back in September.  Hmph.  But they were playing a lot of Beatles and I did get to hug my mom three times, so I suppose I can’t complain too much 🙂

Afterwards, I got our lunch salads made and ran a quick lipstick errand before heading over to the Super Bowl party.  Highlights: That Bai commercial with JT, Lady Gaga singing “Telephone” AND “Bad Romance,” seeing my bestie and a ham-cheese-salami slider I ate during halftime.  Also, turns out, even when the Broncos aren’t in the Super Bowl, Coloradans have some strong feeling on who wins.  Hint: they do NOT like Tom Brady.

How was your weekend??