Engagement Photo Premier Party

A cyber party!

You have no idea how many wedding photo horror stories I’ve heard since we got engaged.  I think the worst came from a co-worker whose daughter got married this past summer and just found out the photographer lost her photos.  All of them.  I don’t even know how that could happen in the age of “the cloud,” but that is a serious nightmare.  Point being, we did our photography homework and picked our #1 choice.  One of the fun perks was that the studio has a “Engagement Photo Premier Party,” which means we got to invite our families to watch the reveal with us and help us pick our one favorite photo to go up in the “light frame” at our reception.  So fun.  I thought I’d share a few of our other favorites today.

Dorsey-17 Dorsey-32 Dorsey-33 Dorsey-42 Dorsey-52 Dorsey-58 Dorsey-60

We are so so happy with how the pictures came out!  We took a few “serious” ones and thought they were hilarious.  I guess we just aren’t a very serious couple.  I’m even more in love with our photography studio after seeing all the pictures, plus how amazing are the fall colors?  In other news, I’ve now reached an age where I don’t know how to use Facebook and had to upload all seven of these as profile pictures in order to get them into an existing album.  What has my life come to?

Happy Friday!