My Favorite Holiday Gifts

I find the way people spend/manage (or don’t manage :P) their money to be such an interestingly personal thing.  I confess that I’ve always been more of a saver than a spender (hello wads of babysitting cash all over my room when I was younger, I miss you) and I’ve also always been kind of cheap.  Sorry, but I have a hard time justifying buying one nice shirt when I can buy five cheaper ones for the same price!  But! Recently, I’ve started making a few practical expensive purchases on quality stuff and guess what, some things are really worth the splurge.  Instead of making a list of things I want for Christmas, I thought those of you who are like me and need a trustworthy vote of confidence before dropping cash on something, would like a holiday gift list full of things I can honestly put my stamp of approval on because they’ve stood the test of time.  Here you go!

Eddie Bauer Lodge Down Parka


My mom bought my sister and I each one (yeah, we’re still wearing matching clothes in our 20’s) for Christmas in 2009 and it is amazing.  This has been an EB best seller for over a decade so I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so.  It is so dang warm and I basically live in it all winter long.  If someone on your list lives somewhere cold (like Colorado, where it finally just stopped being in the single digits), this is so worth it.

Frye Boots


Honestly, I didn’t understand the price and all the hype until I got a pair last year.  Frye’s have a reputation of lasting a famously long time.  We’re talking years and years, people.  That’s some seriously good leather.  I wear mine all the time and they never fail to make me feel just that much cooler, plus even with the small heel they are comfortable.  All I’m saying is they’re incredibly well made (I guarantee they outlast any other designer boot you’ve bought), they’re beautiful and you (or your mom, sister, boyfriend, aunt, best friend) need a pair 🙂


photo 1

Truth: Mac owners are the worst.  They’re all “let me brag about my Mac and how perfect and pretty and light and fast and virus free it is!”  And it is so nauseating.  Until you convert and then you understand that they were right.  I was so anti-Apple for so long but it was all I could rent out at the library in college and it turned me.  We’ve had ours for 2 years and it has yet to have a single problem (except that time when I spilled an entire glass of water on it…).  Do you know how many issues my old HP laptop had in two years?  Don’t ask!

Cuisanart Food Processor

photo 2

Okay so if someone you know spends a lot of time in the kitchen, they need a food processor.  Of all the kitchen appliances I “had to have!” my food processor is the one I use the most.  Also, they’re so durable.  Unless you have a mini one and leave it on for an hour trying to make coconut butter and it starts smoking… My mom’s is at least 30 years old and works like a charm.  I know, because before I got my own, I was constantly driving to her place and stealing it.  Yeah, they’re worth all that trouble.

Room & Board Couch


Please ignore our hideous green wall.  We’re in the middle of a exposed brick project.

Or just a quality couch in general.  I’m totally fine with buying cheap(ish) Ikea night stands or $8 coffee tables, but when it comes to big pieces of furniture that are probably going to see a lot of use, it’s so worth splurging.  I had such anxiety about pulling the trigger on this couch but after sitting on 12309834e587 couches at American Furniture Warehouse I knew the R&B one was so much better.  Plus I dig this cool color.

I’m hoping a Le Creuset dutch oven, a fluffy comforter and a vespa find there way on this list someday, but that’s it for now!


Tell me some of your favorite “worth the price” items!

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday Gifts

  1. Yay!!! I just got a Cuisinart FP for my birthday last week! I had a Black & Decker one for about a year but it up and died on me one day…and I wasn’t even making nut butter! I haven’t broken the new one out of the box yet, but I’m super excited…it’s an 11 cupper and it has a dough hook attachment! Can we say homemade pizza dough?! 😀

    I WANT YOUR COUCH! I’ve been debating getting a new couch for a while now since the one I have is just REALLY not my style anymore, but it’s been hard to convince myself since 1. I know it’s gonna have a hefty price tag and 2. Even though I’ve had my old couch for about 7 years, it’s actually still in really good shape. But it’s one of those over-stuffed microfiber ones and I actually have no idea why I ever really liked it. Modern style with clean lines (like yours) is much more my thing!

    And I totally agree with you on the Mac Book! I’ve had my Pro for over 3 years now and LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVE IT!

  2. Yes! on so many of these items. Frye boots (took me 2 years to find a pair that fit right, but now that I have them I’m one happy girl!), Mac book, and a Room and Board couch! And a Le Crueset is always a great investment, I use mine almost every day! We also just got a new duvet – I’d highly reccomend the “ultra warm” down one from The Company Store. So warm! Happy Holidays 🙂

    • I have a catalog from The Company Store that I keep trying to recycle but then I decide to keep it around “just in case.” Good to hear they’re as good as I thought they were!

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