Lazy Weekend Things

Did I mention that I rang in the New Year with a cold?  Turns out 2014 isn’t the year I become magically immune to sore throats.  Bummer.  Anyways, I can’t really say I’m surprised, considering Joey, my sister and my mom have all been sick and I guess it hasn’t really been all that bad.  My sore throat went away after a couple days, my nose has only been stuffy at night and I haven’t lost my voice… yet, but the worst part has been the complete and utter lack of energy I’ve felt.  That, plus the fact that it snowed all weekend and we’re still recovering from too much fun having while my cousin was here = the ultimate lazy weekend.


As in we watched 5 movies (2 of which were at the movie theater), ate soup, drank tea (oh wait that was just me) and ended each night with a dose of NyQuil (oh wait, that was also just me).  On Friday night we watched Trainspotting and sorry to any of you fans out there but… not a fan.  We spent half the movie looking up all the actors on IMDB (how did I not know Ewan McGregor was Scottish, not English?!) and the other half being grossed/weirded out.

Saturday we saw American Hustle and while it’s not the most glamourous or exciting of plots, I actually really liked it.  Why can’t I have Amy Adams’ hair?!  Also I seriously think my favorite part was watching Bradley Cooper doing the “American Hustle” (that’s what I’m calling that dance he does at the club now).  So so great.  Then we proceeded to go home… uh take a nap (me) then watch Beasts of the Southern Wild and Revolutionary Road.  Joey and I are now naming our first child “Hushpuppy” and I loved Revolutionary Road.  All is right in the world when Kate and Leo are on the screen together.

And I’ll paint a picture of Sunday morning for you.  Joey and I sleeping in till 10 AM then deciding last minute to go see a Sunday matinee and stuffing bagels and toast in our mouths as we drive to the theater.  Doing things in a rush is the American dream, right?  We saw Wolf of Wall Street and even though I’ve spent countless hours talking about it, I still can’t come up with a complete sentence that describes my feelings on the whole thing.  The fact that I keep talking about it is probably a sign that I liked it though, right?  Or at least thought it was fascinating?

What did you watch this weekend?