Weekend Things

Sorry about the later than usual “Weekend Things” post (I know you were all dying in suspense…), but I figured I’d rather get my Olympic wrap up out first.  And because there’s “a lot of verbage” (as Joey kindly put it) in this post as is, I’ll just jump right in!

I guess Friday fun really started at 11:30 when we attended a “trial dining” lunch at a brand new Modmarket location.  I ordered this behemoth of a Cobb salad (seriously it was huge) then ate the whole.dang.thing. and proceeded to be hungry 2 hours later 🙂  Oh and I’m all for free lunch, especially from Mod, but I didn’t know asking for “light” dressing, meant no dressing.  Let’s hope they work that kink out before their grand opening.


On Friday night we met up with Bobby and Becca at a tiny little brewery that brews “English-style ale,” which I’m pretty sure just translates to “super bitter beer.”  Okay, maybe that’s a quick judgment but I’ve never had a beer quite as bitter as the IPA I chose.  Also, fact: my qualification for a friend is if you’d also like to be home and in bed before 11 PM on a Friday night.  Bobby and Becca pass this test.


Saturday started with this!


You guys!  Chicken fried poached eggs!  Over cornbread and buffalo hash with the best hollandaise I’ve ever tasted… and I don’t even like hollandaise!  I’ve been dying to go to this tiny little breakfast place called Sassafras that serves up fancified Southern favorites.  They actually had a whole section for grits and believe me when I say I had thee hardest time choosing what to order.  This dish was killer but I actually think I liked Joey’s “Deep South Benedict” better.  Goat cheese jalapeño grits, I die!


The rest of Saturday was spent at my nephew’s 5th Birthday Party.  Seriously, FIVE?  When did that happen?  Anyways, he avoided Joey and I the entire time and we then we found out it was because he broke his Christmas present from us and didn’t want to tell us, ha ha!  We also made a spontaneous decision to go to the movies while on our way to Home Depot because the movie theater (and almost anything else)>Home Depot.  I thought all the yelling at the beginning of August: Osage County was a little forced but then I ended up really liking the movie, although it looks like I’m in the minority there.


Sunday was a day of Joey working hard to get drywall stuff finished in our living room (yes, our couch is still in the kitchen…) and me doing stuff like working out, boiling eggs, watching Food Network, writing about the Olympics and generally being no help to anyone but myself.  However, later in the afternoon, my mom and I went to a calligraphy class!  I learned a few things:

  • There is SO MUCH MORE to calligraphy than I thought!
  • You can buy a Cartier fountain pen
  • I don’t have a hidden talent for calligraphy
  • I don’t know how to spell my own name

No joke, at the very end of the class, the teacher gave us all some fancy paper to write our names out on and I spelled my own name wrong.  I realized it right as she was saying something along the lines of “Now you can keep your paper as a memento and I hope you keep it for a very long time.”  Yeah, probably not…  I now go by Laurene.  It’s the French version… or something.  Anyways, I wasn’t as sold on my own calligraphy skills as much as I was on the lady who taught the class.  She was incredible!

Wishing you all a Happy Tuesday and the ability to spell your own first name!

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