That Time I Decided To Do A Juice Cleanse

Sooo… I’m doing a juice cleanse.

And for some reason, I’m feeling really guilty by typing that sentence.  I guess it’s because any time I’ve read about someone else doing a juice cleanse I’ve thought it sounded so stupid.  And I feel kind of hypocritical now.  And also because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m doing it as a pre-wedding crash diet of some sort.  I know it’s common for people to want to get in better shape before their wedding, but I have always felt very strongly that I just want to look like my regular old self on my wedding day so my lifestyle has (and will continue to) remain the same as it always has been.  (Except for when I’m only consuming juice for three days…)

That being said, I recently read about someone’s 3-day cleanse experience and was intrigued.  Above all else, I was curious!  And I spent almost an entire day trying to justify my feelings and convince myself I was doing it for “the right reasons.”  Then I realized, “it’s just a 3-day cleanse!” not a vow of silence, or a leg amputation.  That is, it’s not some serious and permanent life change that requires much reflection and agonizingly thorough decision making.  And I’ve already given myself permission to quit if I get to a point where I no longer feel like it’s a healthy experience for me.

Wish me luck!

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