Bachelorette Weekend in NOLA

Another New Orleans vacation is in the books.  The beauty of having a small bridal party (and a small group of girlfriends :P) is that it makes taking a trip for your bachelorette party a lot easier and New Orleans — my second home — was the obvious destination choice.

I have a ton of pictures — that still somehow only capture a small percentage of what we did — so I’ll try to keep the intro short and sweet.  What can I say?  We ate, we drank, we listened to live jazz, we hung out on Bourbon, we sweated (a lot!), we shopped, we toured the Garden District, we laughed, we danced and then we ate and drank some more 🙂


Airport Mimosas!


Obv I made a hashtag… that I mostly used…


We had breakfast at this hipster donut shop that totally belongs in Denver.  This pistachio brown butter donut was amazing!


Me and my MOH!  Please note the fun bachelorette sashes Jenn made for all of us.




Red Dress Run was a blast!  Also my white dress and red veil got us tons of attention.  Everyone loved it!




When your drink actually comes with a pair of sunglasses you know it’s going to be a good night.



Yes, it was necessary to order all three desserts.


It’s probably best that this is the only photo I took of our Saturday night out on Bourbon.  And it just so happened that I took it from a balcony 🙂




This house was 28,000 square feet!!!!


Someone was ready for a Pimm’s Cup on the porch at The Columns.



Obligatory trip to Café du Monde for the NOLA newbies.  Guess I should’ve warned Jenn that it was not going to be clean 🙂


And snowballs at Pandora’s to end the trip, naturally.

24 days until the wedding!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Bachelorette Weekend in NOLA

  1. Awww looks so fun!!! So glad you had a great trip. I can’t believe you’re so close to the wedding!!!! I haven’t been to NOLA in ages but my best friend is in law school at Tulane and I’m hoping to visit her this fall or winter (aka when it’s not hotter than hell).

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