House Tour: 11 Months Later

Ay yi yi, is it Friday yet?  We’re officially at 30 days until the wedding so it’s crunch time and conveniently we are crazy busy at work so life is feeling a little like a whirlwind lately.  But I’m headed off to New Orleans this weekend for a little bachelorette excursion and I could not be more excited.  Methinks a few days away from the office are just what the doctor ordered 🙂

The fact that it has taken me SO DANG LONG to write/publish this post is proof that life has been a little busy.  So it’s taken me 11 months, but I’m finally sharing before and after pictures of our house!

Living Room Before:

Okay, sorry, I only seem to have “in progress” pictures of our living room.  Basically, it was just a teeny tiny room with a teeny tiny doorway to the kitchen.  The very first thing we said the first time we saw the house was “this wall has to come down.”  Kind of blows my mind that in the 100+ years that our house has been around, no one else said that same thing.

photo 1

See that tiny hole I had just made?  Thus concludes any real help I contributed to the tearing down of the wall.  Don’t you wish your girlfriend was helpful like me?


photo 2

And on the other side of the room…


At one point it was a lovely shade of green plaster…


But now…

Living Room After!




In case you’re keeping score at home, that’s -1 wall, -1 drywall/plaster layer on another wall, +1 kegerator, +1 Ikea shelf system and +1 giant TV.  That TV was on Joey’s wish list since day one so who am I to deny him?  Also he tore down a wall, exposed the brick on another, built a little column between the kitchen and living room, built Ikea furniture, and fixed a vent in that room so I think he earned a new TV 🙂  Also, I am IN LOVE with that exposed brick wall!

Kitchen Before:



photo 4


Kitchen Now:



Yeah, I think I like that better.  We upgraded appliances, took out the tile (ourselves… never again please), had hardwood put in, switched the pantry to the other side of the kitchen, painted, put up a pot rack that Jory made for us 🙂 and added an island.  We still have a few finishing touches to do, but for the most part it’s done in here.

Bedroom Before:


If you can believe it, this room was once two rooms.  Two TINY rooms.  Luckily, someone had made it one pretty decent sized room long before we lived in it.  This was the first place we painted/unpacked/set up with furniture.  The rest of the house may have been a dusty disaster for months but at least this space was organized.

Bedroom After:




I guess I should’ve taken a picture of our closet but then everyone would know that I only own like 5 shirts that I just wear over and over again…

Bathroom Before:

I already did a full post on the bathroom makeover, so I’ll be brief.



And I’d like to announce that I officially don’t even remember what it was like not to have a tiny bathroom and have a hard time fitting two people in it in the mornings.  That readjustment was tough!

Hallway & Spare Room Before:



Hallway & Spare Room After:



Okay, so maybe that back room still isn’t the most exciting thing and we might have a piece of wood under the end of the bed to compensate for the slope in the room but it makes the perfect “getting ready” space for me.  Those built in shelves in the hallway kind of threw us for a loop (what do we do with these?!) but I think they look pretty cute right now!  I’m loving our growler display!

And that’s all, folks!  It’s small, it doesn’t have air conditioning, the basement is literally made of dirt, the floors aren’t even and the doors shrink and swell depending on the weather, but we’ve put so much work into our little house — it feels like home and I LOVE every inch of it 🙂




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