Weekend Things

Okay, raise your hand if you thought this weekend went by way too fast.  I definitely have my hand in the air.  I woke up yesterday morning thinking it was Saturday and was genuinely sad when I realized it was already Sunday.  Where did the weekend go?!

In other news, it’s Joey and I’s one month wedding anniversary today!  Whoa, when did that happen?  I promise not to be the type of person who celebrates every month, but I think this one deserves some attention.  Also, I’m gonna go ahead and pretend Adam’s birthday dinner tonight is our anniversary celebration 🙂

The much-too-fast weekend went as little like this.


I’m not going to lie, we basically did nothing on Friday night.  I wasn’t kidding when I said last week was a long one.  All I really wanted to do was cook dinner (because after eating out for an entire month I missed homecooked meals SO BAD), drink a beer (because the French beer scene is not like it is in Denver…) and relax on the couch (because there’s still the chance I don’t make it past 8 PM).  So we did just that.

And I realized my beer pouring skills have gotten a little rusty in the past month…


On Saturday, we grabbed coffee and started on those wedding Thank You notes.  I pulled back on caffeine this week — when you order “un café” 5x a day in France, you return home in need of a little detox 🙂 — so this was my first real coffee of the week and WHOA, I was buzzing.  We did manage to bust out quite a few TY notes before my hands were shaking too hard to be able to write legibly.

P.S. I missed big mugs and latte art so much.

Afterwards, I baked (must be fall!) and then we headed over to Hannah and Josh’s.  Joey, Josh and a couple of other guys were heading to Great American Beer Fest and wanted to get together to make pretzel necklaces.  I went because I thought they might need some supervision and because I hadn’t seen Hannah in a month and missed her so bad.  We went to dinner, grabbed ice cream, watched her wedding video and talked about everything under the sun.

The boys were all in a great mood when they got home…  Josh only made us promise not to leave for 2 weeks ever again about 10 times 🙂


Oh, did I mention it was the PERFECT fall weekend in Colorado?  Blue sky, red leaves, bright sun and temperatures right between chilly and cool.  I’m in love.  We had breakfast with my family to celebrate my brother getting a new job!  I’m so happy, proud and excited for him!  Afterwards, I dropped Joey off to watch the Cowboys game with the guys and hit up my first yoga class in… uh possibly a year.  It felt AMAZING, but yikes, I’m sore today!

We rounded out the day with some time at Joey’s grandparents, then dinner, baseball playoffs, reading, bed.

Happy Monday!