Weekend Things

A few days ago, Joey and I watched this video and it really hit home for me.

I am so addicted to my phone and I hate it.  I hate that I feel the impulse to photograph everything I do.  I hate that Joey and I get into bed at night and instead of talking to each other, we each scroll through our Twitter feeds in silence.  I hate that I can’t be idle for 10 seconds without reaching for my phone to entertain me.  And I hate that it’s not just me who lives like this.

So in the name of trying to be more present in my real life vs. my online life, I’m posting one picture from the weekend.  And making a promise to myself to work on putting my phone down when I’m face to face with another human being.


In other news, this weekend involved lots of time with friends, a perfect sunny fall Saturday, a 4 mile run (that I didn’t die on), Gone Girl with mom, yoga and this giant Bloody Mary, obviously 🙂

Happy Monday!