What We’ve Been Cooking

Aka all the recipes we’ve used and loved recently.

But first, can we talk about skunks for a second?  As in the family of skunks we have making a home under our house.  Yeah, not just one, skunks live in families.  Why?!  We hired an animal removal company to deal with the skunk issue and they have already caught two.  I am trying not to wonder what they do with those skunks after they remove them.  And I’m also imagining that a real life skunk probably isn’t as cute as the cartoon version I have in my head right now.

But aside from dealing with skunks (I swear that’s the last time I’ll write that word), we’ve also been cooking up some really delicious and fresh and comforting meals lately, so I thought I’d share.  I think I kind of fell out of love with cooking for a minute there but I am so back!

Kale Salad with Butternut Squash, Chickpeas and Tahini

Nine times out of ten, I see the words “kale salad” and decide “say no more, I need that!”  This salad was so dang good.  It was green but somehow felt like comfort food too?  I think it was the addition of curried squash.  But a word to the wise, those sugared pecans are ADDICTIVE!

photo 2

Minestrone Verde

Soup season is the best season.  I made this one night when we got home late and needed something quick to put together for dinner.  I think this took all of 30 minutes and the flavor was awesome!  I added some green lentils because what’s minestrone without some kind of legume and because they fit the whole verde thing.  Best part: this soup got better and better every day.

photo 3

Goat Cheese Scrambled Eggs with Pesto Veggies

You know you’re married when you get in a fight about the proper egg scrambling technique.  But first bite into these cheesy eggs and it no longer mattered.  Also, for being so simple, that kale salad tastes so good!  Oh yeah, that kale salad thing I have again…  Biggest Take Away: to make the best scrambled eggs ever, just add a bunch of goat cheese.


Noodle Bowl with Tahini

I guess I’m really into tahini lately, huh?  This is actually one of our most repeated meals.  It’s A) super simple and B) really quick.  If that doesn’t sound like perfect weeknight dinner material then I don’t know what does.  Plus as long as you have the dressing ingredients and noodles, you can play around with the veggies you use.  We went the baby bok choy, bell pepper, edamame, carrot route this time around.  Oh and peanuts on top, gotta have those.

photo 5

Pumpkin Pizza Dough

From deep within the archives of my first blog!  This dough never disappoints.  It gets all fluffy and golden-orange (is that a color?) and soft and delicious.  Also, it’s pretty foolproof.  As in, I went through not one, not two, but three packets of yeast (that would not foam up) before deciding to just “try it” and it still rose perfectly.  Win!

photo 4

Soft Batch Pumpkin Cookies

Alright, I’ll be honest, these have a bit of that “healthy cookie” taste to them.  But “healthy cookie” in that oatmeal cookie kind of way.  And I’m a big oatmeal cookie fan so I loved these.  Plus I topped them with those addictive sugared pecans and that almond butter glaze and everything was right in the world.


Hearty Chicken Sausage, Roasted Pepper and Whole Wheat Orzo Soup

On a soup-making roll (I also made our favorite white bean chili last week and gosh, that stuff is good)!  I’m not actually going to take credit for making this one (it was all Joey!) but I will take credit for eating a majority of it.  The combo of sausage, roasted red pepper and orzo was just insanely good.

photo 1

Currently Lusting After:

Cheese Stuffed Naan Bread <— The recipe pictures are killing me!

Crunchy Stuffed Buffalo Chicken <— You had me at buffalo.

Asian Broccoli Salad <— Peanut sauce, nuff said.

Spiced Cider Margaritas <— Because I needed a way to make my marg obsession seasonal.

And all the kale salads of the world!


I’m off for a little trip to New Orleans with my mom this weekend and I’m so excited to see my uncle, celebrate my aunt’s birthday and be a guest in my cousin’s new house.  Oh and to eat all the foods.  Happy Friday!