What I’m Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  It’s been an especially wonderful year.  I watched my best friend marry her best friend and I got myself a husband of my own (<– that’s still so fun to say).  I’ve felt showered with love, support and happiness.  In other words, I have a lot to be grateful for.

Wishing you a joyous holiday, filled with food, family, love and laughter!  And I think that might be the cheesiest sentence I’ve ever written 🙂


1. My husband.


2. New friends.

photo 5

3. Old friends (that still like me for some reason).


4. Family near and far.


5. A roof over my head.


6. Living in a city I love.


7. The opportunity to travel.


8. My health.

photo 1

9. A stable job.


10. Good books 🙂




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