10 Things That Happen When You Watch Gilmore Girls For The First Time


1. Three episodes in, you start singing along to every.single.word. of the theme song.  Except you change the first line to “Get your ass on the road,” because, be honest, it kind of sounds like it says that.


2. You hope to God that any future daughters you might have are as smart and self-motivated as Rory.  So much less work to do that way, right?


3. Your marriage becomes compromised because one of you is Team Dean and one of you is Team Jess.  But then you realize you’re both Team Logan and everything is okay again.  Side Note: It wasn’t until I was sucked into the Gilmore Girls Buzzfeed vortex that I realized a lot of people hate Logan.  And I am still very much confused as to why.


4. You will toy with the idea of getting “Rory bangs.”


5. You will realize that out of all the characters, you relate most to Emily Gilmore.  Then wonder if that’s depressing or not.


6. You will think Lorelai should end up with Christopher and then when she does, feel sad that she’s not with Luke.  And then feel totally at peace when you see the series finale.


7. You will cheer on every rebellious move Lane makes because you maybe love her character a little too much.  For the record, I kind of wish they hadn’t gone the get-married-get-pregnant route with Lane.  I mean, I love Zach but I would rather have seen her keep moving forward with her music career.

lane kim purple hair

8. You will feel like the end of Rory’s relationship with Logan was whoa! really abrupt.  I didn’t want her to get married either but geez that seemed like kind of a serious relationship to just end it so quick.  Was she even sad?


9. You will decide that you should probably never become a mother because you will never be as independent, witty or level-headed as Lorelai.  Plus you will never be able to drink as much coffee as she does and still be a functioning member of society. lorelai

10. You will declare Saturday January 24th, the day you finished watching the series, to be the saddest day of your life.  The finale was probably the hardest I’ve ever tried not to cry (except for when Rory gave her HS valedictorian speech, because that was rough too).  How many months do I have to let pass before I re-watch it?


Weekend Things

Gooooood morning!

Here’s the thing.  There is a major major blizzard happening today in the Northeast and here in Colorado, it’s going to be seventy degrees.  As in SEVEN-ZERO.  I can’t even wrap my head around how both of those things can be going on in the same country on the same day.  And I also can’t decide if I’m psyched for warm weather or if I’m jealous that I won’t be having an epic snow day.  Joey is jealous because he is insane and actually enjoys shoveling snow.  What is wrong with this person?!

How was your weekend?  I declared ours to be an A+ weekend when I was thinking about it last night and here’s why.

1) Lots of sleeping in.  I have somehow become a person who is capable of sleeping in till 9 AM, instead of being a person who bounds out of bed at 7:30 AM.  I’m cool with it, because 9 AM seems like that sweet spot between annoyingly early and lazily late.

2) Watching great things.  Nuggets game, Gilmore Girls finale, Whiplash, Saturday night comedy show, Season 3 of Veep.

3) Friend time.

4) Sunday morning coffee shop stop.


We had tickets to Friday night’s Nuggets game.  I’ll be honest, a quarter of the way into the game I noticed Rockies left-fielder Carlos Gonzalez sitting courtside and I don’t think I paid any attention to the game after that.  He went out onto the court at halftime and was wearing bedazzled shoes.  Ugh, so fly!  Oh and I guess the Nuggets lost.


We finished Gilmore Girls on Saturday morning and my life feels so empty now.  If possible, I would’ve given the series more than 5 stars.  Like 5 million stars.  I loved it so much.  Lorelai Gilmore is the world’s best TV mom.  Between watching the finale and catching up on Thursday night’s episode of Parenthood, I was so emotionally fragile.  Though I will say, Lorelai Gilmore > Sarah Braverman.  Like so much greater than.


After taking ourselves on a quick jog through the neighborhood, we cleaned up and took ourselves to a Saturday matinee.  I honestly knew nothing about Whiplash, except Joey’s very helpful explanation of, “It’s about drumming, I think” so I went in blind and ended up really liking it.  I won’t lie, it is INTENSE.  But J.K. Simmons was incredible and so far, it’s been my favorite of the Best Picture nominees we’ve seen.


Saturday night was spent with Hannah and Josh.  First up, dinner!  We tried a new-to-us spot on Larimer called Tom’s Urban.  It had that funky Snooze décor thing going on and the service was great, but I’m not sure we were sold on the food.  Three out of four of us ordered the “slopper,” and the other one of us had to be different and order the goat cheese and fig pizza.  Guess who it was!  My “pizza” turned out to be more of a flatbread covered in walnuts and apple, but it was still good enough.


The main event of the night was seeing Steve Rannazzisi (of The League fame) at Comedy Works.  The tickets were Joey and I’s Christmas present to Hannah and Josh — we’re all The League fans… or a fan 50% of the time if you’re talking about me.  He was great, though Hannah and I agreed that it maybe would’ve been a little funnier if we could’ve related more — he talked about his kids a lot.


Sunday morning revolved around our first trip to Crema Coffeehouse.  We’ve decided we need to take advantage of exploring different coffee shops on the weekends (it’s so hard to not go to the same two places when both are within walking distance of your house and both are amazingly good) and I’ve been wanting to try Crema for probably a year.  We decided going would be extra incentive to bring along our laptop and FINALLY FINALLY narrow our wedding pictures down from 600 to 50 for the album that’s included in our photography package.  It only took four months…

P.S. Are you even seeing that sweet potato waffle?!  So crispy, so perfectly maple syruped, so much walnutty goodness.  Also, I have never ever liked whipped cream but dang, that stuff was good!

The rest of Sunday involved more TV watching, a 4-mile run in perfect Colorado weather, watching Joey’s basketball game, a cheesy chicken, broccoli, quinoa casserole and reading in bed.  Like I said, A+ weekend.

If you have a TV show recommendation, throw it at us!  Friday Night Lights is a no go — Joey’s already seen it.