Wednesday Coffee Date & Real Talk


^^^^^ One of three rings I am wearing today.  Which is probably too many rings.

NEW COUNTERTOPS TODAY!  If all goes well, I’ll probably be ‘grammin the heck out of it later today.  Be on the look out!

Wait, is it ‘grammin or grammin’?

Halfway through that latte, the almond milk design started to look like the cover of the first Bruno Mars album.  You know what I’m talking about.  It was uncanny.

February is almost over and I am like, “nooooo, don’t leave me!”  March is the worst.  So much snow, not enough baseball.  But I will get to listen to Rockies Spring Training games in my office, so there’s that.

Trivia and deep dish pizza tonight!  Be still my heart.

Okay, can I get something off my chest, real (not so) quick?  Here is a thing that happens after you get married.  Everyone is suddenly on high alert for you to announce you’re having a baby.  I don’t know if Joey feels it, but as a female, the pressure is real.  I mean, it’s probably partially imagined pressure, but I feel like any time I don’t order an alcoholic drink the conspiracy theories start whirling around in everyone’s brains.  The other day, someone I hadn’t seen since I got married came into my office and loudly congratulated me and that’s all it took.  Look, I can’t even remember to turn all the lights off in the house before I leave, let alone take care of another human being so everyone can just calm down and get used to waiting many more YEARS before they hear that announcement from me.  END RANT.

In other news, Joey and I had a full blown discussion about how unrealistic it is that Jason Street and Tim Riggins would be BFFs when they are TWO SCHOOL YEARS apart.  That would never even happen.

Happy Wednesday!  

Snowy Weekend Things

You guys, you should have seen the grocery store on Friday!  We left work early to do our usual Friday night shopping trip (I am officially the antithesis of fun) and it was INSANE.  A million people, out of everything (and by everything, I mean bananas and spinach) and check out lines that looked like they were winding through the entire store.  It was like Y2K!  Except that I didn’t grocery shop back then so I have no idea what Y2K was actually like and except that it was just a snow storm everyone was bracing for, not some massive technological shut down.

We fully intended on going to the movies that night, but we got word that the new brewery down the street — yeah, because two other breweries within walking distance and A KEGERATOR IN OUR LIVING ROOM weren’t enough — had just opened, so change of plans!  They do this “guest brewer” thing where regular Joes can come in and brew with a professional and then have their beer served in the taproom.  I can’t decide if that’s cool or dumb but the beer I had was great!  The Peach Cobbler taster however… I took one sip and couldn’t imagine taking another.

IMG_7123Saturday was my nephew’s birthday and somehow he is SIX YEARS OLD.  When the heck did that happen?!  Before driving into Longmont, we went to our coffee shop and looked at pictures from the day he was born.  Whoa, we all look so young!  But now, 6-year old Gennaro has a bunch of school friends, wants to grow out his hair and wear ripped jeans and is too cool for Joey and I.  Though Joey was granted permission to join the exclusive laser tag group.  Three adults against all the kids: 23,000 points to 5,000 points.  I mean, way to take it easy on them, guys.


After the party, we grabbed lunch (“I love Chipotle, Chipotle is my life”) and finally went to that movie.  American Sniper!  Okay, look, I was kind of preparing to hate it.  I think war movies are incredibly difficult to pull off, especially when you’re talking about recent war because it’s just kind of a sensitive subject and I don’t think it’s easy to represent that stuff in a way that will please everyone, but you know what?  I actually really liked it!  I didn’t agree with any of the criticism I’d heard about it and I thought it was very well done.


It was full-blown blizzard status when we got out of the movie, so we drove home, parked it on the couch in our pajamas and stayed there for the rest of the day/night.  I think we watched something like 85 episodes of Friday Night Lights.  Give or take.  And though I was expecting and kinda hoping to wake up to 16″ of snow, I think we got about 5″.  Wah wah.  But snow days and Sundays call for fun breakfasts!  Is it weird that I’ve been dreaming of breakfast tacos all week?  Wait, don’t answer that.  I made us each some, plus pancake minis, strawberries for me and sweet potato home fries for Joey.  More breakfasts like this forever, please!


I was kind of dying to break a sweat and seeing as we couldn’t use snow as an excuse not to go to the gym, we headed there mid-morning.  For real, I left my phone there and didn’t realize until we were home.  Who puts their phone down on a table to put their jacket on, then leaves it there and doesn’t notice?  Probably the same person who leaves their purse at restaurants and doesn’t notice.  I’m blaming Oscars excitement for my lack of focus.



I made us this way-too-extravagant-for- just-two-people spread of Oscars viewing snacks and though we crushed that bowl of veggies, grapes, nuts, figs and popcorn, I swear we didn’t eat all of that cheese.  That Cambozola was a recent Bon Appétit recommendation and it was like a blue cheese-brie hybrid that tasted totally awesome.  How often is one allowed to eat cheese and crackers for dinner?  As for the actual Oscars.  Kinda meh, don’t you think?  NPH’s jokes didn’t seem to be hitting the right note (I personally thought they were too short and hard to catch) and everything in general just wasn’t that memorable.

Oh and Joey and I tied on our Oscars ballot.  I picked Birdman for Best Picture so I’m calling myself the winner, though.


This is our forecast for the rest of the week.  Pray for us!