Weekend Things

Welcome to Monday!

If you’re a Broncos or Cowboys fan, you might be experiencing above normal levels of the Monday blues.  As in, several staff members are mysteriously all “sick” today.  And Joey might be one of them.  But if you’re me and maybe asked something like “wait, ‘play action’ doesn’t refer to any time a play is in action?” this weekend, then it’s just normal Monday blues for you.

The good news is, this weekend was blissfully relaxing and productive all at the same time.  Joey decided we were going to win the lottery on Friday night and bought a few lotto tickets.  Turns out he was wrong.  We won nada.  Also, is 25 too young to spend your Friday night buying a new sink and falling asleep on the couch?  Wait, don’t answer that.


On Saturday, I woke up with way too much energy (see what falling asleep on the couch can do for you?) so I took myself to the rec center then got a massage.  I hadn’t had one since… uh I don’t even know, so it felt extra amazing.  Why is it that I’m never paying attention when I get my head massaged even though it’s my very favorite part?  Oh and I saw this in my dad’s office on my way out afterwards.


Later that afternoon, we took ourselves to a movie!  Is it just me or is my winter movie mania at an all time low this year?  I feel like there’s nothing out and nothing out that I really want to see.  I usually want to see it all.  Anyway, we saw Birdman and despite the Golden Globe awards and nominations last night, Joey and I both thought it was just okay.  More Edward Norton though, please!


Sunday morning was all kinds of lazy.  As in we ate breakfast in bed and watched the early release of the Shameless premiere.  Life feels complete when that show is back on.  The Cowboys game was on at 11, so I made myself scarce by going for a run, making chocolate bark and hard-boiling some eggs.  I think this picture of Joey’s gear dumped on our bed says it all.


I dropped Joey and Josh off at the Broncos game then met my sister for manicures.  Except I never texted her to say “I’m here” and she ended up waiting in her car for half an hour before I checked my phone and realized she’d been waiting and thought I’d died on my way over.  Oops…


Joey’s hand decided to photo bomb.

The night ended with the Golden Globes (duh!) and now I feel like I have to see Boyhood.

Happy Monday!

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