Weekend Things

Guys.  It’s Monday.  I feel exhausted.  What are the rules about taking naps in your office?  Also, remind me not to watch Gilmore Girls in bed.  Because “just one more episode” is never really just one more episode, is it?

Anyway, in other weekend news, we finally got to try the new deep dish pizza place in our hood.  And we walked there.  Seriously, it’s that close and it was that nice outside.  In January!  I’m not complaining.


There happened to be a kids birthday party going on while we were there so it was incredibly loud and we spent most of the time being distracted by kids running up and down the ramp into the bar, slapping themselves in the face with pizza slices and hanging on the railing near our table but all distractions aside, the food (and local beer offering) was great!  And the personal deep dish pizzas could not have been cuter.


Saturday was blissfully relaxing.  We slept in, lounged on the couch and went to the grocery, then I took myself to yoga before our extreme evening plans of gumbo and Boyhood.  I give the gumbo two thumbs up.  Especially since Joey made it while I did that post-yoga vegetative state thing on the couch.


And about Boyhood, it was good.  The concept was really interesting and cool and different.  But we both felt like nothing really happened.  I don’t know, I’m trying not to let the “cool concept” thing sway my opinion of the movie because I’m not really sure the plot itself was all that captivating.  I think this year’s movies might just be kind of meh.


Sunday started with waffles!  Wait, not just waffles.  CHOCOLATE WAFFLES!  Yes!  We don’t pull the waffle iron (that I had to have) out very often because it always seems so time consuming and I never seem to pick a good recipe but this one was a winner.  I mean, how could it not be?


Afterwards, we brewed beer.  Our homebrew store closed, (noooo!) so we tried a new place and the kits are different but we decided we’d at least give them a try.  But I think it might be time to try putting a recipe together ourselves and this might just be the push we need.  We’re trying a saison for the first time and I’m pretty excited.  I love saisons!  Oh and I also fit in a run while beer was on the stove, then came home and spent an obsessively long amount of time writing this chalk wall sign.

Sunday night was spent at my parents’ for a late birthday celebration for my dad/Christmas celebration for my niece and nephew.  Guess who mislabeled their presents?  My nephew seemed less than excited to unwrap a Frozen tea party set.

Happy Monday!  If anyone needs me I’ll be pulling a George Costanza under my desk.

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